Buy Max Payne 3, Get GTA IV Free at Target

"As we get closer to Max Paynes 3′s release, several stores are offering some sort of bonus with purchase. " - JPS

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LOGICWINS2259d ago

More proof that GTA5 is coming out this year. Everyone seems to be trying to get rid of GTA4 copies, from this to Bestbuy's $20 sale for GTA4 Complete Edition. It's happening people!

WeskerChildReborned2259d ago

That don't mean anything though if GTA V does come out this year, that would be sweet!

ginsunuva2259d ago

Get the most overrated game of all time for FREEEEEEE!!!

Wagz222259d ago

Oh nice you've played most of the game already?! Man Im jealous…

Kalowest2259d ago

I think he's talking about GTAIV

Wagz222259d ago

Yep totally read that wrong, sorry about that, im used to people saying stuff about games that haven't even come out yet or people haven't played lol

YodaCracker2259d ago

I'd sooner say GTA IV is UNDERrated before I would say it's overrated. It deserves a 99 on Metacritic, in my opinion.

Pintheshadows2259d ago

That seems like a cool deal although it's a bit far for me to travel.