Beyoncé’s ‘joystuck’

$100M suit for video-game ‘snub’ OK’d

New mom Beyoncé may soon be singing again — but this time, it’ll be under oath.

The superstar is expected to be grilled by lawyers for a video-game developer by late summer because a Manhattan judge has given the company’s $100 million lawsuit against her the green light, The Post has learned.

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dark-hollow1983d ago

sorry its the usual lack of reading comprehension in the morning.

can someone tells me what the hell is this article about?

ScubbaSteve1983d ago

A shitty vocal artist contracted with a shitty company to make a shitty game. The shitty vocal artist didn't give the shitty game company notice and backed out of the shitty contract. So the shitty company decided to sue the shitty artist over the shitty game and a Judge decided there was enough reason to actually hear the shitty case.

In the end we gamers will not be able to play the super awesome game "Starpower: Beyonce" for which we were all desperately waiting. Gaming is doomed.

Fylus1983d ago

It's very shitty.


GamingPerson1983d ago

wow! Beside all doo doo that was pretty clear!

MidnytRain1983d ago

Are you kidding? Her voice isn't bad at all.

MidnytRain1982d ago


Lots of talented singers in here...

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thrashermario1983d ago

she's part of the illuminati

WeskerChildReborned1983d ago

And she sold her soul to the devil.