Images of Wall-E

THQ has released two screenshots of the videogame adaptation of Pixar's next movie, Wall-E.

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TheExecutive3872d ago

Another crappy movie game... YAY!

sunnyhours3872d ago

True. The movie, however, looks pretty cool.

LeonSKennedy4Life3872d ago

THQ should just stop...'s not even funny anymore.

Forbidden_Darkness3872d ago

OMFG im going to like get this game so i can drive that little robot vehicle around in circles and stuff! this is going to be the greatest game ever created!

(Note: sarcasm is used (ALOT))

but hey it may turn out to be fun.

(Note: its most likely not)

ZombiesNJ3872d ago

This movie has been done before...anyone know about Johnny 5 Alive? hahahahaha

Basch3872d ago

Wow, never heard that one before :P