Has The Quality Of Multiplatform Games Reduced The Importance Of Exclusive Games?

GamerXchange writes:
Everyone likes a good exclusive game right? They seem to give people the will to live, one faction or the other can proudly beat their chest and exclaim that the console they prefer, has more exclusives than your preferred console. It’s a time-honored tradition, only its never been as rampant as this current console generation. Early on it was the Xbox 360 fans that went on and on about how the PlayStation 3 lacked exclusives, now the roles are reversed and it seems to be a never-ending battle. The thing is though, exclusives playing the role they played in console generations past, just might be a thing of the past altogether.

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Akuma-2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Ninety percent of multiplatform games are mediocre to rubbish games so exclusive titles are important because they are most of the times way above multiplatform titles in terms of quality. The top ten best games technologically this gen are all exclusive to ps3. When someone mentions best graphics, best physics , best animations and other technological attributes most people are thinking of gran turismo 5, killzone 2, killzone 3, uncharted 2, uncharted 3, motorstorm 2, mototstorn 3, lbp1,lbp2, mgs4, g.o.w 3, ratchet and clank, wipeout, resistance 3, and many other titles that are only on ps3.

Yi-Long2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

The Codemasters games (GRID, DiRT, Formula 1) are multi-plat and look better than GT5 and Forza 4.

Killzone and Uncharted take a backseat to Vanquish (graphically), which is also much faster AND smoother.

I agree with Ratchet and Clank looking absolutely gorgeous, but I do believe that's not only a matter of the specs, but more of the fantastic visual design behind it.

In short, you shouldn't be so close-minded. There are brilliant games for all (current) consoles, both exclusive AND multi-platform.

Stop being a fanboy and start being a gamer!

Yi-Long2228d ago

... Have you seen how fast the action is in Vanquish, how big the enemies are, and how many there are battling all at once, while you zip all over the place with explosions everywhere!?

I'm not saying Uncharted doesn't look gorgeous, cause it does, but it's a relatively slow-paced cover-shooter, so technically Vanquish is more impressive in what it achieves, bringing fast big action straight in your face.

HunterRose2228d ago

Yi-Long... what you're describing is gameplay, not graphics. That is has the graphical capability to keep up with the gameplay is excellent, but it does not make it graphically superior to Uncharted 3.

And many people consider Uncharted to be graphically amazing because the slower gameplay let you discover all the fine detail they put into their texture and level creation.

LOGICWINS2228d ago

Yi Long, first you say that Vanquish surpasses Uncharted in ur second comment, u neglect graphics and talk about overall presentation(frames per second, amount of enemies on screen etc.)

Well..which one is it?

MysticStrummer2228d ago

You need some glasses/contacts/laser surgery.

Yi-Long2228d ago

... Where am I describing gameplay!?

The argument that Akuma makes, is that the top 10 best games TECHNOLOGICALLY this gen are all on PS3 exclusively ...

Now, Vanquish blows Uncharted 1/2/3 out of the water, TECHNICALLY, when you see what it manages to accomplish on the screen all at once and at what pace.

So graphically, it's a more impressive feat to witness, from a technological standpoint.

Purely from an artistic viewpoint, you could judge Uncharted's design as better. However, I fell that has less to do with specs and more to do with DESIGN, and with that I mean CREATIVE design.

Just like how Journey is a stunning looking game, but the reason WHY it's graphically stunning isn't because of it's that extremely demanding specs-wise, but because the creative vision behind it was so strong.

I have a feeling people are kinda misreading what I am saying, or are just overly sensitive when it comes to Uncharted.

Either way, I hope I made myself clear.

Outside_ofthe_Box2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )


If you are talking PURE visuals, Uncharted AND KILLZONE look better than Vanquish graphically.

If you are talking from a technical standpoint maybe Vanquish has the edge. Doing what Vanquish accomplishes on screen with Killzone or Uncharted graphics would be difficult to do with current consoles.

Yi-Long2228d ago

... that's exactly what I've been saying.

Hicken2228d ago

You're delusional. Forza and GT are at the top of the racing genre on console. Codemasters puts together some nice stuff, but it's not graphically on the same level as the aforementioned two.

Vanquish looks pretty good for everything that's going on, but it doesn't surpass Killzone OR Uncharted in the graphics department.

And there's STILL the fact that there's a higher percentage of good looking exclusives than there are multiplats. For all the games available on multiple platforms released each year, only a handful can really be considered graphically impressive, or even technically impressive. Many of them- it wouldn't be far-fetched to argue MOST, as Akuma stated- are subpar offerings. The multiplat games that look great (Batman, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls) are few and far between.

On the other hand, around half (as a random but feasible percentage) of exclusives look good. And since there are so few of them in total, there's a larger percentage of exclusives that look great(Halo and Killzone, for example).

But looking at what YOU think looks good, I can see why you might not understand this...

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32227d ago

Akuma your comments are so stupid I don't know why I haven't ignored you yet...

kreate2227d ago

Im gonna go buy vanquish becuz of yi long.

Never played it yet so i cant even comment on it.

Since its the ps3 games being compared ill go buy the ps3 version of vanquish.

AntoineDcoolette2227d ago

I think its hilarious how akuma cited games solely for their graphical prowess, you know, rather than story, art direction, and overall gameplay and concept. Apparently he prefers staring at something life like rather than having a great gaming experience.

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LOGICWINS2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

@Akuma- There are two sides to every story. You can make an argument for Uncharted 3 for best visuals, but as a self proclaimed Killzone addict...the bullet impact animations in Max Payne 3 are far superior from what I've seen so far(I'll be able to confirm this on Tuesday)

And Infamous 1/2 don't even come close to having better animations than Arkham City...or even Arkham Asylum.

Also, are there any PS3 exclusives that have in game facial animations on the level of L.A. Noire?

As I said, you can make an argument for visuals..but not for animations. Batman AC and L.A. Noire have that won.

Btw, I'm eager to know exactly what you think is so great about Rachet and Clank technologically.

rdgneoz32228d ago

"the bullet impact animations in Max Payne 3 are far superior" - When the game isn't even out yet to see if they are better in game...

As for Infamous, try comparing to Prototype instead of Arkham Asylum/City, that would be a bit closer in comparison. The fighting in Batman is toe to toe melee brawling, with some range attack/gadget use. Infamous (while being able to melee) is more raged combat with special powers. Of course a game that focuses on melee combat is going to have better melee combat animations...

Also, L.A. Noire was a game all about the facial animations. All the tech was made to capture facial animations... They came out amazing, but the rest of the animations weren't on the same level at all. They were capturing the facial animations alone then adding on the body animations, which didn't always the best. Look at the full body mo-cap videos for Uncharted,they came out more fluid as a whole.

As for Ratchet and Clank, 1080p and 60 frames per second. Not many games do that and have as much chaos going on the screen at once. You can also (with the later ones) fly through space, land on a most planet and fight bad guys / solve puzzles without hitting a loading screen.

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Akuma-2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Vanquish is a good game but having mass enemies on screen at once doesn't make it one of the best graphically, with best animations or best physics.

There are achievements made in ps3 exclusive games like "lair" with thousands of people on screen at once and the game is in 1080p. Heavenly sword also had thousands of people on screen sometimes that you can interact with.

Achievements in ps3 exclusives again you can think of M.A.G with its 256 people online multiplayer game with no lag. Even developers like cliff blez doubted that the game would work or run online but because of the ps3 and the amazing servers with zipper interactive, the game is amazing technologically. Resistance 2 has technical achievements with its 8 player co op and 60 people online multiplayer. It also had moments of over a hundred enemies to kill at a time. There are a lot of achievements made by a lot of exclusive titles on the ps3 that was never done before but I was talking about the top achievements that advances gameplay and experience like graphics, animations, physics and such.

Most people need better teli and surround sound to tale advantage of the techmological feat made by most ps3 games. The ps3 is a technological marvel because amazing games like kz 3, motorstorm 3, ratchet, grab turismo 5, resistance 3, uncharted 3 and others have stereoscopic 3d options in 720p and some utilizes the ps move controller at the same time. That's amazing. Those technological feat are down-played by the media and fanboys for other system but the reality is that its amazing. Best sound taking advantage of 7.1 pcmcia surround and such, best animations, best graphics, best physics and others are mostly on ps3 exclusive titles. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day

2228d ago
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stonecold32228d ago

exclusive take adavantage of that system multiplatforms dont take any advantage of any system as for 360 winning world wide i think thats far fetched since since sony already stated they outsold the 360 by an extra 1 million and a half through 2011 oh yeah usa is not the world .

LOGICWINS2228d ago

Your way off the mark with that comment. Not ALL exclusives take advantage of their respective consoles. Vampire Rain on the 360 and Twisted Metal on the PS3 disproves your argument.

Outside_ofthe_Box2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

He didn't say "all." Most first party studios do take advantage of the hardware if given the budget and time to do so. If uncharted or God of War were multiplatform they wouldn't look as good as they do now as the developers wouldn't have the luxury of focusing on maxing out one system.

LOGICWINS2228d ago

He implied ALL

"exclusives take advantage of that system" Thats a general statement. He didn't say "some" and he didn't say "most" therefore ALL is the only reasonable assumption for his comment.

Frankfurt2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Considering that the best and best-selling exclusives (Halo, Gears) and the best multiplat versions of games are on the 360... Yeah, the choice of buying an XBox over a PS3 is obvious.

The exclusives that matter (sell consoles) are on the 360 and Wii.

Nobody buys a PS3 for Resistance, Killzone, SOCOM or LBP. And Uncharted is a joke that can't even show up in the top 10 best-selling of the year or sell any decent numbers (it only sold 700K in its first month, a sad excuse of an exclusive that needs bundled and shipped numbers to bloat its "sales" numbers). Gears of War, on the other hand, not only sells consoles, but it shows up in top 10 lists, unlike 700K Uncharted 3:

Lord_Sloth2228d ago

I would argue with you but you only have 1 bubble.

Outside_ofthe_Box2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Sales, sales, sales! That is all you are talking about! Can you seriously call yourself a true gamer?

Uncharted is a "sad excuse" of an exclusive because it sold 700k in the first month in the USA and not because of it's quality?

You need to get a grip. Sales mean squat. You buy games because you know/think you will enjoy it not because it is the best selling. Isn't the reason why you bought a 360 is because you ENJOY playing Halo and Gears? Or do you only touch games that sell 5 million within opening week?

I don't understand people with your mentality honestly.

HunterRose2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Please ignore the Frankfurt troll. He/she/it has nothing to add to this conversation.

PirateThom2228d ago

Translation: I only have one console and it's a 360, I can't get another one because mommy won't buy it for me, so all PS3 exclusives suck, I like big men in plastic armour.

smashcrashbash2228d ago

That has to be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. Did you even read what you just wrote? Uncharted is a joke? The exclusives that matter are on the Wii and 360? You seem top forget that many games on the PS3 have surpass many multiplat games in sales and in quality.

I don't know what you call decent numbers but many PS3 exclusives have far outsold many Xbox 360 and Wii exclusives. As usual like most ignorant people you only hide behind the games that sell well or get good scores and ignore the disasters that lurk on all consoles. How quickly you forget the Forza 4/GT5 conflict that ended up showing how little people care about Forza. Or the many games on the Wii and 360 BOTH multiplat and exclusive that bombed in scores or sales. How soon we forget Prototype, Banjo Nuts and Bolts, Perfect Dark,Viva Pinata, Mad World, Zack and Wiki, Crackdown 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Conduit, Alan Wake, Rise of Nightmares,Child of Eden etc.

I could easily just jump behind GT5 and UC2 all the time like people do with Mario and Halo all the time but fortunately on like people like you I am not the clingy type. All systems have good selling games and bad selling ones and bad games and good games both multipat and exclusives. And like I have said time and time again if you want to know if exclusives are still important then ask Nintendo. Without them they would have been out of business a long time ago if they didn't have them to keep them afloat.

2228d ago
cpayne932227d ago

I bought a ps3 for uncharted, killzone, demon's souls, infamous, resistance, lbp, and mgs 4... They are all amazing games only on ps3, and they all really appealed to me.

To me, exclusives matter. I bought a ps3 because of its exclusives, there are more than the ones I listed but thos are the most important. The only games on 360 I'm interested in are gears and halo, so I'm still debating if I'm going to get one.

Shouldn't the games a system have influence your choice of whether you want it? Exclusives do matter.

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Drazz2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

@Title, yes.

MysticStrummer2228d ago

Most of my favorite games this gen have been exclusives, so I'd say no.

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