Killzone, And Why A Great Series Is One That Ends

Bagogames: It's not how you start but how you finish that truly matters. Evidenced by the fact that the Mass Effect 3 ending, in many people's opinion, could have potentially undermined the overall standard of the trilogy. But hey, at least it finished unlike some franchises...

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Akuma-2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Killzone games on ps3 proves how amazing and powerful the ps3 is. The killzone story-line is amazing and can use some more explaining in campaign for the games but the games are well done and above most games of its genre.

Joegrine202256d ago

nah i didnt like the story. buh d gameplay experience was excellent. and thats why i finished it bout 3 times.

sinncross2256d ago

What could be interesting is a game from the Helghan perspective... and if they want to rpice it up make it a 3rd person with the same sort of weight the characters have in the normal KZ series.

Either way I like the series, but that does not stop me from saying that while KZ2 is one of the best FPS I have ever played, KZ3 is really mediocre.

shammgod2256d ago

I like the idea of doing this from a helghast perspective.

Tdmd2256d ago

And I like the idea of doing this from a third-person perspective. :D

pumpkinlord452256d ago

I feel as if the series needs to rest in peace. The problem is that they keep on working on more games and the series will sooner or later will loose it's charm. All games follow this same path. Most of the time.

ginsunuva2256d ago

Actually, Killzone is a series that that wouldn't fit a trilogy format. I think it needs 5 games to cover all it has to offer.

Resistance, even though it has a better story, is a series that would've been a perfect 3-game saga (with one psp game). But Insomniac screwed up the third game and made it about rednecks in the USA. The third game should've been Jame Grayson uncovering the truth about the Chimera in Russia, as hinted in the after-credits scene of Resistance Retribution.
Same with Halo. Should've stayed a trilogy. Maybe Reach added for backstory. ODST and 4,5,6 need to disappear somehow.

MySwordIsHeavenly2256d ago

You're kidding me, right? Resistance 3 was, by far, the best game in the series...

opoikl2256d ago

Gameplay-wise, R3 is probably the most well-achieved and certainly most fun FPS I ever experienced on Playstation. Taking headshots with the Marksman for example is an incredible feeling that is unparalleled in the world of console shooters. It's like the Timesplitters of this gen. And I haven't even mentioned all the brilliantly designed weapons, the engrossing particle effects and gore. I would even dare to state that while there are lots of good FPS'ers this gen, R3's gameplay will prolly suffer the least from aging.

Kalowest2256d ago

The story-line for the KZ series is terrible, but KZ2 is the best out of the 3 so far. KZ3 was too fast pace, and it lost the weighty feel.

MySwordIsHeavenly2256d ago

It lost the weighty feel because everyone hated it...including myself. It didn't make it "unique". It just made it sluggish.

Hicken2256d ago

Everyone DID NOT hate it. I, for one, loved it. It gave the game an identity that STILL separates it from all the other shooters out there, among other things(like spawn grenades and the class setup).

As for the story, it was nothing special, but nor was it horrible. It was really just an excuse to engage in amazing battles with an amazing enemy on an amazing planet.

Denethor_II2256d ago

I used a sharpshooter with move which changed the game for me. Great game.

miyamoto2255d ago

Don't forget Uncharted series shares that accolade too.

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smashcrashbash2256d ago

Strange how sequels on the PlayStation always seem to trigger the 'enough is enough' conversations and everything else just seems to go unnoticed.

metsgaming2256d ago

yea really, its not surprising though. There is no way the killzone series is over based off of the end of three.

Bagogames2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

I'm of the opinion that if your franchise is over ten years old you have to have an 'end' in sight. Killzone doesn't need to die just yet, but the end of Killzone 3 might as well have ended with 'to be continued.'

The point is that in order to really mean something there has to be a beginning and an end. In terms of Killzone that means peace; no more war, no more talking and no more Rico.

If they were to just fight constantly for another five games the validity of the franchise will be for naught, because no matter how hard your characters fought the good fight there would be no end in sight. See my point?

Outside_ofthe_Box2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

We need a TRUE sequel to Killzone 2(Multiplayer-wise). I really don't care about the SP all that much, but there is not way in hell should KZ3 be the last title with that horrible multiplayer.

I have no problem with the next Killzone game being the last as long as the MP is as good or better than KZ2's MP.

Bagogames2256d ago

Yeah that's what I'm saying. I'm happy for there to be another two or three games so long as Guerilla plan to end it somewhere.

The only title I see doing this well is God of War. Because they have their 'end' but there is still more fun to be had with the 'beginning' of the franchise. Where as you have Halo, which 'ended' with 3 and is now on 4. Where will that end? When will the Chief have his end and when will the war truly end?

Joegrine202256d ago

anybody realise the mario party picture? lol so bright O_O

Bagogames2256d ago

That's how they lure you in O.O

[ It's how we lured you in too... ]

StayStatic2255d ago

Exactly what I was thinking

TheModernKamikaze2256d ago

What's up with the Mario party?

Fylus2256d ago

Bagogames pretty much answered that question lol.

Ajoyshop2256d ago

I'm wondering the same thing...

Neoprime2256d ago

They maybe sneak dissing for more color?

pumpkinlord452256d ago

Very interesting article. I completely agree.

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