Rumor: GoldenEye XBLA Sh!tcanning Was Nintendos Fault?

Looking for someone to blame over the whole XBLA GoldenEye fiasco? Try Nintendo! Sources within Microsoft who were very close to the project (and who also pointed us towards the above, alleged screen) have told us the game was canned not because of disagreements between the two parties, but because of Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata, who believes that, as a title which appeared on a Nintendo console, GoldenEye shouldn't be made available on a competitor's system.

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PS360WII3991d ago

Ugh so are we going to see a Goldeneye article everyday now? I think all the other articles about this so far have also put the blame on Nintendo as well. We know how the rumor goes by now. Why are we beating a dead horse?

JsonHenry3991d ago

Probably because Nintendo already has plans for this to be on its virtual console.

Leathersoup3991d ago

It was developed by Rare (owned by MS). Originally published by Nintendo. If they can't come up with an agreement I'm guessing we won't ever see another version of the game.

Not that it would make much of a difference. It's ugly.... remember folks N64.

Marceles3991d ago

Yeah, I was trying to tell other people that...then they would just reply

"But but Activision owns the rights now!"

It doesn't matter...Nintendo still published THIS game. Then the rights were given to EA who made their 007 games, then given to Activision. They all have a say on the publishing rights on the 007 games they developed...

travelguy2k3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

Its like PSN is getting a downloadable Halo game. Microsoft published it but does not own Bungie.

I think this is the best decision, all the companies should get access to their own library of games and not cherry pick from others.

EDIT: Sorry "Pandabear" didn't read your comment, bubble for you for thinkin of it first.

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paul_war3991d ago

Bad, bad Nintendo! (If true).

MikeGdaGod3991d ago

why should Nintendo let MS get one of the best games to ever come out on a Nintendo system?

that wouldn't make any sense. let MS put out their own classics.

what else you want, Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong?

v1c1ous3991d ago

nintendo would not ever do anything that seems at all greedy!

its un-nintendo!

pandabear3991d ago

It would have been great, but lets face it would Microsoft allow the original Halo for Sony PSN or would Sony allow FFVII, the original Gran Turismo or MGS for XBL - No is the short answer so why should we expect any different from Nintendo.

I'm sure it will be released on the Wii at some point with use of the zapper which is why they have changed their mind.

v1c1ous3991d ago

nintendo doesn't own Rare anymore. Nor do they own the goldeneye/007 franchise. they have propriety rights to the n64 emulator though.

Sony has i believe 40% ownership of Square. but it doesn't own the FF series. Squeenix can release ff7 on wii if it wants to. Sony won't make it easy, but they could.

Nor does Sony own Bungie. Bungie doesn't own the Halo license. MS does. So Sony might get Bungie games, but not Halo specifically.

Delive3991d ago

Good points. An exapmle of a game that came out on one company's system (PS1) and is making the Multi console rounds is Castlevania, SotN. Third party games have a chance of going anywhere, if the money is right.

Tsukasah3991d ago

I may just buy a Wii, I've been wanting one anyways. I'm getting one of the other 2 consoles(360, or Wii). I want a Wii for the VC, all the games I grew up with are on it, but I still have a working 64, NES, SNES, Genesis, VirtualBoy, and SEGA Saturn. Oh, and a few Atari consoles(E.T. as well O_O), and the Odyssey somewhere in my grandmas attic. All of them work, and if they don't I'll fix em.

Anyways, didn't M$ buy Rare? I would assume Rare has the rights to what they do with the game, not Nintendo or Microsoft.

SuicidalTendencies3991d ago

Microsoft does own Rare. I don't think you will be seeing Goldeneye on th e Wii VC either. I remember reading that Nintendo owns the rights to the game, but Rare owns the code or something like that, and some publisher owns the right to make Bond games. It's a really messed up situation.

paul_war3991d ago

I hope this doesn't come out on VC, probably won't have online & to play four player you will need 4 classic contollers!

littletad3991d ago

Come on, we all know Nintendo wouldn't turn down a money making offer. But now since they are the market leader, there is a little more muscle behind their decisions. I hope this isn't their first step into acting like the Nintendo of the past all over again.

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