The Top Ten Games for Moms

Sunday is Mother's Day. Instead of getting her flowers or a cheap card, why not get Mom into gaming? Cassidee from gives us a rundown of ten games any Mom can get into.

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Cennus2287d ago

Most I ever got my mom to play was Wii Sports and even then it was just the bowling.

BigManFanelli2287d ago

My mom stopped playing games with me when I was six and I told her that the Super Nintendo controller "was too complicated" for her.

Six-year-old me ruined it for current me. What a brat.

Fullmetalevolust2287d ago

My mom is addicted to angry birds and fruit ninja. She started gaming at age 50; and to think that we've had a console in the house since the early days of the Sega master system ( she refers to every gaming console I've own as "a nintendo"), tsk tsk tsk. She does enjoy some motion controlled games, she's a total sucker for casual gaming, hehe.

TheModernKamikaze2287d ago

Sadly even Fruit Ninja gives her anxiety, though she likes to play the classic Resident Evil.

Omar912287d ago

my mom doesn't know a thing about video games. When she comes into my room, I tell her to look at this cutscene, she looks at it and says " it looks like every other game you play"... apparently every game looks the same to her lol