The Walking Dead: Episode 1 Review (NGN)

NGN: "There was a time when I could not picture the zombie apocalypse except with a standard backdrop of a suburban shopping center or inner-city mob imagery. Now, thanks to the combination of the Left 4 Dead franchise and the excellent Walking Dead AMC TV series, when I think of zombies, I think of southern farmlands and the sound of cicadas. It’s a fresh re-imagining of the genre that is carried on with TellTale’s new adventure game The Walking Dead, based on the popular TV series. Rather than simply being a Walking Dead spin-off, the developers have made a clear and obvious effort to be true both to the original comic book and the television series. Even their website explicitly states that they see the original comic strip as “canon”, and the game promises (and so far, delivers) not only cameo appearances of characters from the TV series but also back-stories and expanded plotlines. This is a more mature title than most of TellTale’s games, and it’s gratifying to see that so much of the developer’s talent translate well into the Walking Dead universe."

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