Could Battlefield Premium Become A Call of Duty Elite

PushStartSelect: "First off I know the service is currently two different things and just announced. However I had a recent survey with Battlefield that asked about potential options they could offer to me as a Battlefield player, and this is where it got me thinking. Could EA be working on an Elite type service to expand the Battlefield network and help improve Battlelog? Perhaps it will be free? Yes, yes I know. “EA already has Battlelog!” Thank you for pointing that out, I never noticed. Joking aside this survey came to me because I haven’t personally been playing Battlefield 3 at all, sorry EA your lack of DICE servers and a DICE only quick match filter somewhat turned me away. However other than tell them that, it asked several things. On the list were several assets Call of Duty Elite offers, and it would all work as expansions to Battlelog."

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GraveLord2261d ago

EA always copies Activision, so yes, Battlefield Premium will become the equivilant to COD Elite. But like always, Activision is always one step ahead.

Hellsvacancy2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Wow, its almost your like your thankin Activision for thinking of new ways to screw gamers over, way to go bro

morganfell2261d ago

Are they asking if Premium will become a service with stat tracking and sole priced DLC?

Or are they questioning if Premium will evolve into a service that is more flash than substance, deceptive in it's marketing, a poor bargain for the price, a public fleecing, and a thorough shafting of the customer base?

dark-hollow2261d ago

hows cod ELITE screwing gamers?
when it totally OPTIONAL and adds no real advantage in gameplay above others.

elmaton982261d ago

Wow and I thought people were crazy on cod because of elite but ill buy the premium cause I love bf3

Prince_Dim-Lu2261d ago

Of course it will be. Except for this time, people will love the idea! BF3.. it's so hot right now!

WeskerChildReborned2261d ago

I am not paying a subscription service for DLC. -.- it should just be a season pass.

SnotyTheRocket2255d ago

If it's a one time buy, 20 or $30, ill buy it for 2+ years of content, i'd buy it. Subscription? Nope.

metsgaming2261d ago

I cant be the only one concerned about EA is trying to turn BF into COD.

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The story is too old to be commented.