Lost Odyssey: Gameinformer Preview - 'SNES-era mechanics with modern visuals'

If the idea of peeling back a poster or knocking a tree and finding 100 gold pieces make you scratch your head, you might want to play Lost Odyssey first before buying it. If the idea of playing a game with SNES-era mechanics with modern visuals makes you squeal with delight, however, you're in luck.

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PS360WII3989d ago

"If the idea of playing a game with SNES-era mechanics with modern visuals makes you squeal with delight, however, you’re in luck."

Hurray for me then ^^

InMyOpinion3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

That goes for most JRPG's really. The SNES had some of the best RPG's ever so this is like a compliment in my eyes.

ruibing3989d ago

Yes these old antics are really amusing to help you explore the JRPG world. I especially liked Radiata Stories's system that lets you kick people to get them to drop items and fight them for experience.

n_n3989d ago

old school mechanics with current gen visuals is awesome.. looks like i might be getting that 360 after all

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titntin3989d ago

Yup - I'm sqealing too!I never heard anyone complain about the random location of treasure in Blue Dragon...
I'm quite happy to play a snes style RPG with better graphics whilst I wait for White Knight Story on 'the other side' :) Now that does look new gen..

PS360WII3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

ha what random treasure locations in Blue Dragon? It was everywhere! Oh look a pipe, oh hey here's a rock, a tree, hmm look at the bolt over there, nice wagon, hey look at this corner. People in that land just threw money everywhere lol ^^

edit: oh I really liked the nothing guy. Finding nothing was a reward in itself as well

titntin3989d ago

True! I thought the 'nothing' guy was stroke of genius! :)

IntelligentAj3989d ago

I'm so getting this when it comes out..

GunShotEddy3989d ago

If you played BD, you know these guys keep it traditional. And that's GREAT! Like everyone (so far) has said - SNES had the best JRPGs. I'm not a fan of this modern trend of western RPGs (ala Oblivion). I like my RPG cheesy, japanese, turn-based, and story driven. That last part is to say, I like watching the story unfold rather than directing (like western RPGs).

There's a reason FF III (VI) and the old Dragon Quest games are such classics.

IntelligentAj3989d ago

Yeah I hear you. I tried getting into Oblivion but it just didn't interest me. It's a great game but it's not for my tastes though. Since I grew up in the golden era of RPG's(90's) the westernized ones just don't match up for me(though they are extremely diverse and creative).

DethWish3989d ago

Sounds nice... though I'd rather have PSOne era :)

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