Will Black Ops II save the Call of Duty franchise?

After the fail that we call MW3, people aren’t really excited about Black Ops 2. Assumptions have already been made, and people are judging it immediately.

The future setting is a love / hate thing. People are saying they’re copying Halo, some are saying it’s a last ditch chance to save the COD franchise.

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NYC_Gamer2114d ago

That's my question too...Black Ops 2 will come out and move millions of copies because the Call of Duty fan base is loyal.....

iamnsuperman2114d ago

Exactly. How does a game need saving if it is doing what any game company wants and it to sell a ton and make money off it.

jimbobwahey2114d ago

It's a dumb article written by a fool looking for hits. Like it or hate it, the COD franchise gets bigger with each release and is without doubt the largest franchise in videogaming today. To say it needs saving is retarded when they're making more money with each release.

4logpc2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

I too it from what?

Who said MW3 failed??? Im so confused....

Commodore2114d ago

Save it from officially being branded as a repetitive, same engine, different paint job type of game...which it is.

And MW3 failed big time, in terms of game-play. It was MW2.5

WeskerChildReborned2114d ago

Yea that's i'm thinking cause the game is gonna sell more than a mill even if it's worse than MW3.

Gen0ne2114d ago

@Nuka: Hahaha... I thought the exact same thing and I HATE CoD.


nothing new just things being replaced , name changed , or getting deleted that's what's been happening after MW2............miss the good ol COD4 days when it actually matter to have fun and not just camp in one place to get the ultimate kill streak

Prince_Dim-Lu2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

I guess save it from all the whining,in the minority new school emo gamers, that for some reason are worried about our society, because people enjoy games like this.

You know.. that new school group of elitist gamers. Who I guess only play what's "hot".

Pintheshadows2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )


I'm actually tempted by Black Ops 2, mainly because I like a sci-fi and I was always curious to see how CoD would handle it.

I'm hoping for energy weapons of some kind.

Oh, and I don't want to be 'that guy' but this is a blog and shouldn't really have been approved.

Fylus2114d ago

The game only takes place like 10 years into the future. Don't hold your breath. Plus this is hardly "SciFi". A lot of the technology shown in this game already exists in some form.

That said, I can't blame you for hoping.

BuffMordecai2113d ago

Quality control. Its not like we care about sales, we don't see any of that money.

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Valenka2114d ago

Seeing as how Black Ops 2 is a clone like all the rest, no.

WeskerChildReborned2114d ago

Have you actually played the game yet? Yea the graphics haven't improved that much but you can't say it's really a clone since it's pretty innovative compared to the last CODs we have. I mean this is future warfare we're talking about. Anyway, looks can be deceiving so let's wait till we see more before we judge the game.

Valenka2114d ago Show
WeskerChildReborned2114d ago

@Valenka Just cause their is no new engine doesn't mean it's not innovative.

Siren302114d ago

So I guess we are judging games based off teaser trailers now. Even doing that it still looks different from any other cod

Pintheshadows2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Isn't that what we've been doing for years?

It's sad.

Nutsack2114d ago

Who cares, COD shouldn't be saved. Its a dumb milked concept thats bought by millions of sheep. Let them buy it, don't care. Its like a subscription that yearly COD update.

Still running on the COD4 engine from 2007, the casuals are used to that n00bish stuff. Let them enjoy I guess.

Maybe one day it'll die like that milked Guitar Hero.

grahf2114d ago

If COD is for "millions of sheep," then state the alternative. What should we be playing, oh wise Nutsack?

3GenGames2114d ago

Any other game. If you can't see through the stupidity of buying so many games for the same thing in a different costume by now, you'll always fight is because you'll never see the light. You'll never see a game that actually is vastly better than it's predecessor.

grahf2114d ago

Nice try, but that is the ultimate cop-out answer, 3gen.
I'll narrow it down for you... name a game that I should be playing instead of CoD in the online competitive FPS genre on the Xbox360 that runs at 60 frames per second.


I play plenty of other games in different genres, but in the category above, CoD is the go-to and reigns supreme.

And don't you fucking DARE presume that I don't know what a good game is, I've been gaming for almost 3 decades now and have seen the best and the worst.

Oh, and here is a little example of "seeing a game that actually is vastly better than its predecessor...", a little series that passed the Playstation generation by while they were crying over *SPOILERS* Aeris dying... Ultima. Each game obviously got better and better, but until Ultima 6 the improvement was marginal. 6 blew the mother-f-ing lid off. The Black Gate & Serpent Isle somehow topped it, and were beyond epic. (Pagan & Ascension were *blech*, taking the best parts of the series and throwing them into the void).

Its just a small example, and I'm actually playing U6 again... bought it from GoodOldGames .com, $5 well worth it.

So please, use your last bubble and try again.

3GenGames2114d ago

"that runs at 60 frames per second."

translates to:

"Why sacrifice a tiny bit of fluidity my eyes can't even see to improve everything else?"

You guys use that "60 fps" line all the time because that's the only thing you can bring up that you can even think about. I guess playing a good game at 30Hz is less important than playing a piece of crap at 60fps. Pics below to show off JUST visually the MAJOR improvement it brings. Lets not even get into the destruction and sound of these games. It'd be too uneven then to humor a reply from you.

Commodore2114d ago

You want a game to play? Go break out a PS2 and play SOCOM 2. It involves skill, unlike the no-talent-ass-clown series that is DUTY.

In SOCOM 2 you got one life (and MP was designed around that style of gameplay), so don't give me the few select game modes they made available argument. It's pathetic how we now hold DUTY as the Holy Grail of online shooters. DUTY isn't the Holy Grail, but COD4 was, it was perfect. Every other Duty is just trash.

grahf2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

"Why sacrifice a tiny bit of fluidity my eyes can't even see to improve everything else?"

Go get your eyes checked. The reason that 60 FPS is used as an argument is because it makes a WORLD of difference in the pacing and fluidity of a game. I'm not snubbing Halo for running at 30 FPS, but I couldn't even compete in Black Ops when I first started playing the series because it was TOO FAST. Then after a few months, I thought my Halo Reach disc was damaged or I had network issues because it was TOO SLOW. 60 FPS will be a requirement next gen. For now, I'll take it over anything else out there... including Battlefield, which I didn't think was as revolutionary as people make it out to be... ON CONSOLES.

If you refuse to acknowledge the difference between 30 & 60 FPS, then you're a lost cause and don't belong to be called a gamer.

Ask any high end PC gamer that pushes FPS like a Technomancer which is better... 30 FPS or 60 FPS (or 100 FPS!!!) and they will tell you straight up what is up. Battlefield 3 at ultra settings with anything lower than 60 FPS? Please. You might as well be playing it on Xbox.

And your pic is ultra-fail. GTFO if you can't man up and compare and contrast without solid examples.

And bubble-fail, too. You never gave me an example of something to play.

Ooooh, and I got an edit in!
@Commodore, I went and bought CoD4 to see what the all the fuss was about. You see, I skipped COD4, [email protected] & MW2 and started with BlOps. I've been playing it periodically, and, um... you guys have your nostalgia glasses on a bit too tight. Its good, and for the time it would have been REALLY good, but despite the outcry there have been a lot of changes the past few years.

Oh, and I won't bash SOCOM 2, I never played it, and I won't bash the fact that is has "few select game modes" either... its from a different era and I respect that. But CoD has that mode as well. Search & Destroy ring a bell? 1 life, you die, you sit out until the round is over.

It isn't the Holy Grail. Not by a long shot, but its the best we've got RIGHT NOW.

badz1492113d ago

The best? Hardly, but the most popular, definitely.

You wanna know which 1 is best? my vote is on either KZ2 or BFBC2! compared to those 2, CoD is childplay!

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yesmynameissumo2114d ago

Guess no one is looking at the $ COD is (and has) been bringing in for Activision.

dangert122114d ago

Call of duty is doing well for its don't need saving other games do.

from myself, who is defo anti cod ATM

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