Could the Playstation Vita Handle Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

From the PlanetPSX feature editorial:

"The PlayStation Vita may not have the strongest of sales numbers right now, but you guys need to understand, when it comes to sales numbers, sometimes it’s about the longevity, not what you sell in the first couple of months. Just take a look at the Nintendo 3DS. It had the slowest start out of any of the handhelds, but Nintendo stuck by it, and now it’s flourishing with a decent amount of games, both retail and downloadable. The PS Vita will reach that point."

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LaurenKB1232232d ago

I know I would get it for sure... plus some cool touch screen additions - go Activision go!

MasFlowKiller2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

I have not been impressed by a Call of Duty engine since Modern Warfare 1, Even with the 2 Team 2 year cycle I dont think the COD engine is pushing any boundaries 4 years after Modern Warfare 1

Peppino72231d ago

If the vita can run battlefield 3 then it could def run black ops2.

princejb1342231d ago

mw2 engine was better than mw1

Soldierone2232d ago

I'll buy it too! Go ahead and restrict the graphics a little like Mortal Kombat, its COD I don't buy it for the visuals.....I just want it on Vita because that would be MASSIVE for it.

thePatriot2232d ago

with few tweaks in graphics, a ps1 could run BO 2

JellyJelly2231d ago

A mid-range smartphone could probably run it on full settings lol.

NnT32912231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

I would pay to see how you "tweak" the Ps1 lol. I know Cod graphics are nothing special but last gen consoles cant run it. On topic, I think the Vita could handle BO2 at 30-50 Fps

Horny2231d ago

The Wii is practically a last gen console spec wise and it can run it with dumbed down graphics. Vita can run launch quality Ps3 visuals so yes it could run call of duty.

fatstarr2231d ago

Ps2 can run cod4 so can the wii on a modified engine. even the DS had some sort of cod.

im pretty sure with tweeks the 3DS could run it same with the vita.

anyphone thats more powerful than a wii can run it.

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Play2Win2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

the vita has the best tech form a technical standpoint. look at the dynamic shadows in goldy abyss. only the aliasing in uncharted isnt optimal. but cod could be done on vita.

edit: technical standpoint according to potable machins of course ;)

chriski3332231d ago

Let's see a new 2012 hand held power house? Can it play a OLD build 2007 engine? Yea Im sure it can come ppl don't give this game any hope

zeddy2231d ago

dont matter if it could handle it, you cant play multiplayer at work or on the bus.

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NYC_Gamer2232d ago

PSV should be able to handle Black Ops 2 since the engine isn't really hardware demanding

metsgaming2232d ago

exactly the vita has more power than it needs, we are talking about COD here. whether they take the time to learn the system or just do a lazy port is another thing.

kevnb2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Should, but black ops could barely run on ps3 to the point where they lowered the res even more than the already sub 720p they use. Treyarch can find a way to make it not work.

Solid_Snake372232d ago


That was out of purely laziness from treyarch, shody optimization. There were even rumors back in 2010 that it was on purpose.

realiks2232d ago

Even Tetris can handle COD games.

GraveLord2232d ago

You do know Tetris is a video game right? It's not a console.

Leave it to a COD hater to be so misinformed.

Hicken2232d ago

Leave it to a CoD fanboy to get upset over a joke.

And Tetris DOES exist as a standalone handheld (as in liks' picture) like a Tiger electronics tyle game.

Guess I shouldda said, "Leave it to a CoD fanboy to be misinformed."

pacosanchez882232d ago

haha good one. made me laugh, even as a cod player. not cod fanboy

solid_si2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Well i admit COD is getting shiiter after every iteration but BF is even shiter. Slow paced, anti fast gameplay and anti run and gun. I hope i havent offended BF Fanboys.

Shooters suppoosed to be about paced action. Timplitters was the greatest shooter ever. Bring back Timesplitters and all these Fockers(COD)and Nerd Gays(BF) fanboys can learn from a real FUN shooter that is simply FUN.

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MEsoJD2231d ago

Plus it will be running on a much smaller resolution. They can probably make it almost indistinguishable from the console version if they actually try to put out a quality port.

2231d ago
Paradicia2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

At 60 fps? No chance.

Optimised for the PSPs native res? Possibly, at a locked framerate.

Obviously the game wouldn't look like the 360/PS3 versions but it would hold it's own as a portable game.

What's wrong with what I said? If you're gonna disagree at least have to courage to explain why.

dark-hollow2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

ok, here i will explain it.
cod on PSVITA is very possible to be 60FPS because it will runs on the vita native resolution which is 960x544 which is a lot lower than the usual 1040x600 that is on previous cod games.

if the ipad 3 (which have the same gpu as the vita) could run games like these at a very high 2048x1536 resolution:

then the vita can run cod at it native resolution without any problem. (and besides, they have the same gpu but the vita cpu is much powerful)

Paradicia2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

@ Darkhollow

I never said that the vita couldn't run it, hence why I said "Optimised for the PSPs native res? Possibly, at a locked framerate."

There would be obvious sacrifices because of its portability. I'm in no way trying to downplay it's specs here, I'm just stating the obvious.

I'm more interested in the differences if it was to be compared to it's console counterpart which will happen eventually down the line and how it will play.

BubloZX2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Actually the vita's gpu is more powerful then the IPAD's as well because it was specially customized for sony hence the reasin for the + at the end of the gpu's name.

BUt anyway the vita also has and extra 128mb ram then the ps3 so features like cross game chat are highly likely as well. but if the wii can run black ops then the Vita can kill it. And since black ops 2 is goning to be running on the same engine then black ops 2 will be easy too.

look at some of the ps3 ports for vita and tell me if things were lost. From whats been going on as of late the Vita's actually been the one getting all of the extra content. remeber everthing will be scaled down for the vita without losing anything.

Ascalon942232d ago

just trolls, don't worry about them.

Solid_Snake372232d ago

Wow please tell me about all the games you developed on your life to make that kind of statement.

Solid_Snake372232d ago

Sorry I was replying to milkjdo

3GenGames2232d ago

I have developed games for NES, and have been programming for a while in many languages, especially lower level ones. Vita can eat the big console version of any COD game, no question.

KwietStorm2232d ago

So why are you even talking about the PSP then? It's a Vita article.

Paradicia2232d ago

So by that logic calling an xbox 360 an 'xbox' negates the meaning of the brand to the past tense.

DigitalAnalog2232d ago

I don't know man. I look at Uncharted: GA and Resistance so I don't think it's entirely impossible what dark-hollow is suggesting. On top of that, the system is no longer "difficult" to develop for which would no doubt be easier to port a bit in a smaller resolution at least.

Slapshot822232d ago

Mortal Kombat run at 60 FPS online on Vita. ;)

one2thr2232d ago

Dude MGS4 ran on the Vita in an UNOPTIMIZED state, and it took the developers less than a week to port it to the Vita... So in other words don't underestimate the power of the Vita good sir... now good day

KwietStorm2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

That response makes absolutely no sense, it's completely off topic, has no correlation to what I said, and you still haven't answered why you're talking about PSP native resolution in a Vita article, asking if a game can run on the Vita, not the PSP. You almost make it sound like you don't know they are 2 different systems. Is there some hidden message in what you're trying to say?

Denethor_II2231d ago

My arse could run any COD game.

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