Grand Theft Auto 5′s Release “Date” Leaked by Amazon

Sufyan at vGSaints writes:

Yep, Grand Theft Auto 5′s release date has been leaked by Amazon. It had to happen, and now was the time. Amazon UK recently updated the release “date” on the console version of the game. It’s not the exact date, but here: it’s this year.

Apparently the game is due for release this December. I'm doubting they accidentally put it up, so it’s possible that RockStar Games will be giving more information about the anticipated title.

In case Amazon removes the date, here’s a screenshot.

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realiks2202d ago

It's either oct/nov or spring 2013. My opinion.

brodychet2202d ago

Early 2013. That's what it'll be.

redDevil872202d ago

Bioshock Infinite has been delayed till February, so i don't think it may be early 2013.

redDevil872202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

Ohhhhh DP

*That's what she said*

JhawkFootball062202d ago

I doubt Rockstar has been telling retailers a release date without publicly announcing it. There's just no point.

gatormatt802202d ago

This is just a placeholder. Move on guys nothing to see here, just another site looking for hits.

archemides5182202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

this is a placeholder, but some retailers DO actually get told release dates before they're publicly announced (especially amazon), and even before the get "early announcement for retailers" memos, for lots of different types of items. and sometime through leaks or glitches, the dates do get out. but this is not one of those cases.

PinkPartyPony2201d ago

Too soon.

Mid-Late 2013, Early 2014.

morganfell2201d ago

Games listed for December are released the following year. It's called a placeholder date.

This no name website vgsaints just insulted 2K and Rockstar. They apparently feel those two entities are stupid enough to release a major game in December.

Has anyone ever wondered why December isn't filled with major game debuts? Because December is past the prime cash retail month and too many people (enough to affect sales) will have already committed funds.

There are deluded people that will say that even if GTA V released in December it would still sell millions. Thanks for being shortsighted. It would sell but not close to what it would pull in on a better situated date.

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showtimefolks2201d ago

i believe its coming out in 2012 because they delayed bioshock. Look i was the biggest believer that GTA 5 was in april-may 2013 but now i believe we will see it in 2012


Don't most big stores put up a placeholder date just to gain interest and pre orders

Valenka2202d ago

Game stores always put up placeholder dates. This is no exception.

josh143992202d ago

This means nothing. I used to work at blockbuster uk and they used to have placeholder dates. It could be released then but don't get you hopes up.

YodaCracker2202d ago

I'd love to believe it, but big titles almost never seem to release in December. They usually release in November to take advantage of the Black Friday shopping season.

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The story is too old to be commented.