Ghost Recon: Future Soldier To Feature Limited PlayStation Move Support

The upcoming Ghost Recon: Future Soldier shooter by Ubisoft will support PlayStation Move, but only in the context of the weapon modification mode "Gunsmith".

For what it's worth tho, I've contacted developer Red Storm for confirmation and further information, and it turns out that yes, you'll indeed be able to use the PlayStation Move to navigate the Gunsmith interface but, no, you won't be able to use voice commands as with the Kinect version (you'll use buttons instead to select modifications).


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dragonyght2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Lol what's point, who gonna plug in their move for this I guess they don't want to make kineck look bad not being able to use it for gameplay as its works for move

Army_of_Darkness2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Don't do anything cool or fancy kids because we don't want to upset our richest client and their retarded son...

ubi just pulled a bitch move on sony move fans:-/

Arch_seraphin2253d ago

I was so looking forward to this game with move support, it would've been so awesome, after anxiously following Future Soldiers release date only to be DEEPLY Disappointed to find this out, after they hinted move support, I wish as a cosumer we have a bit more say over this. I hope someday someone can make a similar game with full move support. I'll keep waiting...

Berserk2255d ago

I am planning anyways to use it with my dualshock like with every other PS3 game. Just waiting for Sorcery so I can get more use out of my Move.

hiredhelp2255d ago

The point is MS wont allow them too bet you thats it.

Iceman X2255d ago

This has nothing do to with MS, it has to do with the fact the PS Move support and Kinect in this game is the exact same. Why? Well Anyone with common sense knows Kinect can't do FPS, so instead they add this crap. Now it's been proven many times before PS Move can do FPS just fine. A company will have a hard time putting PS Move in a game and not Kinect. To my knowlegde only 1 game will do this(maybe others later), the new Bioshock is PS Move support and not Kinect. Even in Ghost Recon Kinect was a stupid idea and PS Move is also. If i can't play the whole game with PS Move then to hell with it.

ginsunuva2255d ago

MS has some weird rule where a game on xbox must have equal specs to other versions upon release.

ZeroCrashOverride2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Are you a complete ignorant? This game is perfect to feature and support PS Move funtionality. It has proven in Socom 4 that you can bring whole new gameplay with PS Move Sharpshooter. It just depent on the developer wheather they want to invest their time and money to support it. Its better to support a periphral that can be use throughout the entire game than use it a gimmick in only small portion of the game. IMHO it still a winning game for both developer (can advertise that they add a feature that give a whole new gameplay experience) and gamer (add replay value because they can play using normal controller and/or PS Move) if they fully support PS Move. The downside is MS fanboy will complaint and whining because they have Kinect.

hiredhelp2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Iceman X
I see your point and its valid point too, But publishers need grow pair support move of dont work with kinnect not sony fault why punish 1 because the other cant do it.
As you say your not happy if you cant play whole game with move then hell with it.

GraveLord2255d ago

MS has something to do with this.

They want their games to have equal or more features than than the competition.

IMO publishers need to grow some balls and stand up to Microsoft. It's the consumers suffering here.

KMCROC542255d ago

Let me see cash up front or wait for a bunch of Ftards to buy my game a few months down the line or wait for a sale or get it second hand. Me as developer am taking cash up front .

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