Nintendo Enthusiast Needs Your Financial Assistance To Stay Alive!

Nintendo Enthusiast has been working hard to become the ultimate Nintendo fan site over the past eight months. Fortunately, we've grown rapidly. Unfortunately, our host threatened to suspend the site unless we move to a dedicated server because we're taking up too much system resources. We now turn to the community to help us out so we can continue bringing you the top Nintendo content as we grow.

We Need Your Help!

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NukaCola2202d ago

You only need a $1000? Can't you guys make that with ad support? I'm not an internet website guru so feel free to humor me.

Menashe2202d ago

With 2000-10,000 viewers every day we only make around $30 a month from ads. Apparently, gamers are pretty blind to ads because they are very tech-savvy.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232202d ago

hope all goes well. have you thought of finding adds people may want to click.

Menashe2202d ago

Well, the general Google Ads are usually pretty good at being contextual. Google stores data about what you just searched for and then any site you visit with Google Ads after that will display ads relevant to your search. So, if you were looking for a watch, you'll suddenly see an ad for a watch in the Google Ads.

CanadianTurtle2202d ago

I was going to spend my money on the Kony thing. But screw that, this is more important.

In all seriousness.

mike1up2202d ago

Awww... look at that face!

Of course I will pay all of your bills little buddy.