Pach-Attack! - Whiners vs. Complainers

What's the difference between whiners and complainers? Do developers/publishers receive money on sold gaming gear? Plus, will SWTOR ever become free-to-play?

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smashcrashbash2262d ago

Complainers are satisfied when what they ask for is done. Whiners are never satisfied and as soon as one request is done they will either find something wrong with what you did for them or hunt for something else to whine about. Everything has to be perfect or they will never stop going on about it.

yeahokchief2262d ago

this guy probably loves the smell of his farts.

LightofDarkness2262d ago

Sometimes this guy has the right idea, but it's plainly obvious what side he plays for. His basic argument against "whiners" is "stop complaining, it's just entertainment, just pay for it and be happy." The problem, of course, is that there needs to be a voice coming from the consumer side so that we don't end up being shafted more and more. He doesn't care so much about the consumer's satisfaction, only that they keep flooding the industry with money and thus keep him employed.

yeahokchief2261d ago

Yep my thoughts exactly. He's a parasite. He does no actual work. He just makes a living off other people's work. People like him make me sick.

Kyosuke_Sanada2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

The problem about giving any negative feedback on games nowadays is when you go to their site with an issue, companies call them whiners but when the person comes back with a detailed report to explain their dissatisfaction, they get banned......

And what if a problem is ignored for a long time and the fan base continue complaining about it for that said time, does that graduate them to whiner status?

This labeling of gamers have to stop now because all it will do split the community even further apart.....