Ridge Racer: Unbounded

Once hailed as the all-time “Queen of speed” (with King “Need for Speed” indomitably heading the metaphorical racing monarchy), the Ridge Racer franchise has arguably been on something of a hiatus for the past few years. Yet for all the waiting, the tears, the tantrums – I’m pleased to announce that new developer Bugbear Entertainment have returned our beloved arcade racer to us in its liveliest, most ambitious and most vociferous form to date. -

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morkendo232230d ago

that is why this game will fail to much like BLUR AN BURNOUT 3
RIDGE RACER should have been ridge racer. and criterions NEED FOR SPEED HOTPURSUIT should had the mechanic of need for speed from blackbox studio instead of BURNOUT…..ridge racer and need for speed dont need to emulate burnout or blur.
personally i have not played a good RIDGE RACER since RIDGE RACER V, last good need for speed i’ve played blackbox studio HOTPURSUIT 2 and UNDERGROUND rest sucks!!!!!!