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Top Five Best Wild West Video Games (Gamerlive.tv)

From Marston to the Stranger, Gamerlive has your best Wild West experiences nailed down in games. (Gun, Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath HD, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, PS3, Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption GOTY, Retro, Sunset Riders, Xbox 360)

OcelotRigz  +   901d ago
Red Dead Redemption is one of the best games ever, nevermind western.
Wonderful game.
Really enjoyed "Gun" too, forgot about that until i seen it in this list.
NukaCola  +   901d ago
Anyone ever play TINSTAR on SNES? I loved that game as a kid. You had a steampunked sheriff taking on other robot bad guys in the wild west. Had a rail side-scroller shooter style with a quick draw boss battle. I thought it was pretty cool for the time.

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WeskerChildReborned  +   901d ago
Sorry double post, N4G should add a delete comment button >.<
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WeskerChildReborned  +   901d ago
Read Dead Redemption and Gun are my favorites.
Pintheshadows  +   901d ago
Shame there aren't more. Red Dead Redemption and Gun are great. CoJ Bound in Blood isn't bad either.
TheDCD  +   901d ago
Anyone else here remember Sunsetriders? That made my list for sure. :)
tunaks1  +   901d ago
Red Dead Redemption is awesome, too bad the dam thing locks up every 30 min :(
Trekster_Gamer  +   901d ago
CoJ Bound in Blood over 1/2 of what he listed.

Article = Fail

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