Orbis, Durango, and U

We are reaching the point where a fresh buffet of console and game experiences are about to be served up to us. Those in the kitchens, however, are definitely taking their time and are letting some very misleading and tricky delicacy rumors hit the menus. Some things are clear, Xbox‘s recipes are locked up tight, PlayStation waiting staff are peeking through the doors, and Nintendo has entree in hand (full-time kitchen work has destroyed my brain as much as these new consoles likely will.)

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SandWitch2233d ago

Orbis Vita = Circle of Life. Interesting... Very interesting indeed.

WeskerChildReborned2233d ago

Not sure if the next gen console will actually be called the Playstation Orbis, i've heard it was just a code name for the PS4. But if it is called the Playstation Orbis, then i expect it to work really well with the Vita.

Fylus2233d ago

Gyn, never thought of it that way but you're right.

Could be a hint at cloud gaming and such. I had a reason why that makes sense, but I forgot it:/

Snealiv2232d ago

Dammit, now I want to go watch The Lion King again.

GameRage2232d ago

It's the greattttt Orbis Vittaaaa!

2EHO2233d ago

It's funny to me I knew this rumor wouldn't be picked up by n4g as they have a ton on play station fans. Now every rumor about Wii U being underpowered was picked up and commented on as FACT. Why wasn't this every picked up as done the same?????

Sharodan2233d ago

I'd certainly be interested to see how (if) the Vita syncs up with the Orbis. It's already fairly powerful on its own as a standalone handheld.

It wouldn't work well as a controller, but maybe some other form of control similar to what the Wii U has going on?

BuffMordecai2232d ago

I'm going with PS4 and possibly the Wii U, Microcrap has failed hard these last couple of years.

SeanDKnight2231d ago

Everytime someone mentions Orbis Vita I start singing...

"In the circle of life!"

Seriously though, I'm not expecting much from Microsoft. Their consoles, expecially the first two generations, have horrible failure rates and it takes them 3-4 generations to finally get it up to an acceptable standard.