Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC | Will Bioware make the right choice?

In the past couple of months, Mass Effect 3 journeyed around a lot of controversy and hate regarding it’s ending due to which, developer Bioware decided to provide a new Extended Cut DLC to bring closure to the Mass Effect universe while keeping the original ending totally untouched. In my opinion, this is a pretty bad move. Bioware initially stated that what they did with ME 3 was completely up to them and that the fans questioning the methods of an artist is quite unethical and yet, Bioware steps down just to make the very same fans happy simply because they are causing an internet riot. Bioware may or may not go through a downward spiral thanks to their self created oxymoron decision. Just because Bioware leaves ME3′s ending as a shocker doesn’t mean it sucks. Would you people hate Christopher Nolan’s Inception just because Cobb’s happy ending might just be a dream after all? Highly debatable.

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Godmars2902255d ago

Can't see Bioware doing this extended ending right when they made a mountain of mistakes which lead up to the original ending. They certainly aren't going to satisfy everyone.

Megaton2255d ago

The only way to really fix it would be to wipe "Priority: Earth" and re-do the whole thing. That's simply not plausible for a variety of reasons. EC will be a series of Band-Aids. Just gonna have to wait and see how effective they are.

Philoctetes2255d ago

Beat this game, bitched about the ending, platted it, and moved on. I don't care what they do now.

krazykombatant2255d ago

exactly, all this does is remind me how my favorite franchise from this generation ended up being a massive turd from BioWare. I don't want to know anything else about ME universe for a long time.

mep692255d ago

They should just pretend Mass Effect didn't happen and relaunch it for number 1. Fix the previous mistakes like eveyone in the whole game talking english, atleast if they were going to do that explain why and have their voice out of sync so they are speaking their own language and you can understand ( like 'Mars needs Moms' for example ).
Did enjoy the games apart from the end, but i was more satisfied with KOTOR and DA:O.

MasterD9192255d ago

I'm hoping that they criticize themselves and change the ending after all...Especially since the game puts you a few chapters before the ending sequence if you continue playing after beating it. Seems like a re-do or alternate ending would suffice more than a bunch of random shots and no answers.

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