Cloudberry Kingdom Coming To The Wii U, Gets A New Trailer and Kickstarter Campaign

Billed as the hardest platformer ever, Cloudberry Kingdom from Pwnee Studios has now been confirmed for both Steam and the upcoming Wii U, with an XBLA and PSN release still being hopeful.

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Venox20082076d ago

at first I was a little bit sceptical about this game, but after watching the whole trailer I must say it looks awesome :)

BringingTheThunder2076d ago

i'll probably end up breaking a wii u controller with this game.

Dante1122076d ago

Once this becomes available the first player to beat it will win $1000. Wonder how long it will take before someone wins?

TrendyGamers2076d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if no one wins it looks so hard.

BringingTheThunder2076d ago

someone who spends every minute playing will win

CaptainN2076d ago

It does look like it will be extremely difficult......but that kind of add's to the games charm. I guess going into the game, knowing its insane diificulty will be its selling point. Seems like a very interesting title to kickstart the Wii-U !