PS3 'Pick N Mix' deal is no deal at all

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has this week rolled the covers off what appears (at first glance) to be a rather tempting 'Pick N Mix' retail deal that will see UK consumers able to snaffle the PlayStation 3 and two games for a total price of £349.99 GBP. Image credit: MNgilen.

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Neurotoxin3962d ago

Glad i got my 60gb For the same price back in september, doesn`t seem like a fantastic deal if the games are being moderated in the deal, If it comes with 2 controllers however that would be good savings. I`d be surprised if that wasn't the case to be honest as they must want to shift the excess Six-Axis Stock to make way for the Dual 3.

blusoops3962d ago

It doesn't say if this price is for the 40gb or 80gb.

actionjackson3962d ago

Also, not all retails sell at the prices Amazon do. If Sony is universally reducing the price to the level of Amazon's pricing, I'd be inclined to say it's a deal.

InMyOpinion3962d ago


This is as newsworthy as any of the bs bash-the-360 articles that have been posted recently.

Keep your comments in the comments section and not in the report section. Learn to read, fanboys.

titntin3962d ago

Jeez.. you really are a prime example of the kind of jerk who's destroying this place - from both sides of the infantile trench war.
360 news, PS3 news, who gives stuff! This place is news for gamers, not news for Bill's lover Boys, or Sony's little helpers. Grow up!

This story should not have been approved for several reasons:

1 The title has been modified from the original title to try and encourage exactly the infintile behaviour and response we can see above.

2. Its old news. The report is all about the announcement of the Sony Bundle deal which has already been widely reported.

3 The opinion expressed in the last paragraph is lame. I'll quote the reply I left on the website:
Your point about being able to pick up a similar deal by shopping with Amazon is a weak point. Amazon has always sold the latest games at £32 instead of the £45 most retail shops charge - thats the whole point of being a discount online retailer!
The fact is, that now anyone can walk into their favourite high street retail store, like Woolworths or Dixons etc, and pick up a PS3 and 2 premium games at the same discount price as the cheapest and best online deal available.

Only trully ignorant BS fanboys of the worst kind would try and represent a decent bundle announcement as bad news.. its quite pathetic.

InMyOpinion3962d ago

You are completely right. It was a silly comment. It was meant to be.

The article is not old; "By Stevie Smith Jan 14, 2008, 13:44 GMT". There might have been other articles touching on the same subject but that's not how things work here. If the article is unique it's supposed to get approved.

I didn't see you complain on the fake news about "Xbox 360 Repair Breaks Downloaded Content" -

SilPho3962d ago

@Blusoops: This will be the 40GB model because we only have that one for retail in the UK, we've never had the 80GB, only the 60GB and 40GB.

I think I hit the sweet spot for PS3 buying last October. Just after the price drop and before the 60GB's were as rare as Wiis. That was the same price as this and it came with the two games AND two blu-ray movies. That's what I call a deal.

This is only a deal when you don't look at Amazon. (At least it's not more expensive than buying separately and they are 1st party titles)

urban bohemian3962d ago

I got my PS3 on release day and only had motorstorm and resistance to play with for ages and I'd paid a stupid amount! Why can't I see into the future?!

DolphGB3962d ago

This 'article' compares the RETAIL price of the deal against DISCOUNTED prices at retailers. Not a very fair comparison.

If you compare retail price with retail price, this is a good deal. And I'm sure that someone like GAME will go ahead and discount it further if they can, so it could turn out to be even cheaper still for UK buyers.

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