Games You Shouldn’t Have Missed In: April 2012

Gamer Euphoria staff members Sean, Tom and Rob pick their top title of April 2012.

While it may be late into May at this point, we’re back again to bring you our top picks of the month of April. While we may not all be in complete agreement, like any good list, The Witcher 2 rates quite highly. RPGs aren’t the only pick of the month though, so read on and find out what Sean, Rob and Tom think you shouldn’t have missed from last month’s releases.

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Lord_Sloth1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I didn't purchase anything that came out in April.

Lord_Sloth1451d ago

Witcher 2's not on the PS3 was the main issue.

TheDareDevil1451d ago

Same here. I don't if I'm interested in any game till September atleast.

Maybe GRFS but I think I'll wait for a price drop before I catch that one

WeskerChildReborned1451d ago

True, i would love to see Witcher 2 on the PS3. I've heard some very postive comments about the game.

GamerEuphoria1450d ago

It might be a bit late for them to port it to the PS3, but who knows!

Fylus1451d ago

Agreed. My most anticipated games won't come out until June-December so until then, I'm probably gunna miss a bunch of games.

ShaunCameron1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I got Prototype 2 (currently playing) and Xenoblade Chronicles.

Hicken1451d ago

If I had a Wii, I'd be all over Xenoblade, but that's it from April.

This month sees Starhawk and likely Ghost Recon, and at least Gravity Rush next month. I know I'm forgetting a few, though..

humbleopinion1451d ago

With Trials Revolution, Fez, The Splatters, Legend of Grimrock, The Walking Dead and Sword & Sorcery - April was a top month for digital distribution games.
The Witcher 2 obviously ruled retail this month, but technically it's just a new edition of a game that was available on the PC in 2011.

GamerEuphoria1450d ago

Staff are restricted to one pick each, we tend not to tell each other our picks till the article is live. You are correct though, plenty of great games came out last month.

humbleopinion1450d ago

I have no problem with the stuff picks, I'm just saying how it's really hard to make a pick considering all the other games released this month :)