PS3 3D Display For Just $250, Includes 2nd Pair of 3D Glasses and MLB 12: The Show

For anyone who is still looking for a Playstation 3D Display, this is so far the best deal we've seen for the 3D Display on its own, but keep in mind that it is only at EB Games Canada.

- Trendy Gamers

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Dante1122263d ago

Pretty good steal if you're from Canada. Wish these type of deals were available to me.

metsgaming2263d ago

i dont see how it can get much lower lol. I think one of their biggest problem with it is something no one really notices. Go into a best buy and try and find it, guess what its not near the tvs its in the gaming area. No one other than people who know about it are going to look over there.

dcbronco2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

No one but gamers would be looking for it. No one looking for a 3D TV is looking for a tiny display. They want 40" or bigger. The whole thing was a bad idea.

IHateYouFanboys2262d ago

It's not in the tv area because it's not a tv lol.

It doesnt have a tv tuner, it's a monitor. You don't put pc monitors with tvs.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

its amazing how they can sell these screens for $250 and have the cheek to ask $250 for the PSvita.

$250 for a 32" 3D screen + 2 sets of glasses + MLB: the show + motorstorm.


$250 for a high res PSP with NO extras.

[email protected] exactly. sony are in crisis and still want to charge double retail value of EB.

ginsunuva2262d ago

Sony's not asking $250 for the TV, EBgames is.

Sony still prices this TV at $400.

ssean2272262d ago

You do know that its a 24" screen not 32".

Tommy3342262d ago

I knew I PS3 price drop was coming when Microsoft announced the $99 360.

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Shazz2263d ago

JEEEZ yet same tv on its own is 450 in uk lol sony u need to survive remember

slixshot2263d ago

I bought this TV for christmas when it was $300 and only came with the standard bundle (Motorstorm, glasses, tv). Man, for that price, this is a STEAL. The TV runs at 240 hrtz, which is unheard of at this price, seriously! The 3d I used for resistance 3 and had an amazing experience, yet, I rarely use it to be honest. Plus you get motorstorm and mlb the show. which would come out to almost $100 right there. Jeez, I'd consider picking another one up if this was in America!

Frankfurt2263d ago

120Hz = big input lag
240Hz = MASSIVE input lag

Not that i expect most kids in this site to even know what input lag is (some even praise laggy Killzone and Resistance, or PS3 BF3, after all). I bet half the visitors here don't even turn their TVs to game mode because they want "prettier graphics".

The 3D display is shit for gaming.

gamingisnotacrime2262d ago

turning the tv to game mode makes it look like shit

i will take my pretty visuals over the game mode every day

Cablephish2262d ago

Isn't there a game mode you can enable which disables the preprocessing?

Nutsack2262d ago

Why is this only in Canada and in EU the screen with one pair of glasses and just one game is still like 500 Euro?

WTF Sony

iWishTifaWasReal2262d ago

this is a pretty good deal. might consider buying this now.

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