Gamer Euphoria: Spec Ops: The Line Demo Impressions

Gamer Euphoria staff member Sean writes:

''The Spec Ops franchise is a strange beast. It’s never really hit the heights of been widely praised by critics and gamers. Fitting to its name, the franchise tends to slip under the radar with its installments.

Spec Ops: The Line is the first installment of the franchise on current generation systems. Focusing more on action and story telling this time around, Spec Ops: The Line could easily be considered a reboot of the franchise. With the game release in just over a month a demo has recently assaulted both PSN and Xbox Live. Does the demo show what could be this years sleeper hit? Or is it nothing more than just another loud and proud shooter?''

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kma2k2255d ago

before this demo i wasnt aware nolan north was the lead in this game, he is curently my favorite voice actor so thats cool!

GamerEuphoria2254d ago

Learn something new everyday ;)

b_one2255d ago

Damn, i dont like shooters - but will preorder this one, dont know - Nolan North mde it or maybe story (i know its silly to assume that shooter will have story, but...)

GamerEuphoria2254d ago

We call that loyalty...though given how many games he does voice work for we'd assume its a costly loyalty!

Fil1012255d ago

was kinda waiting 2 check this and ghost recon FS, my first initial though to spec ops was it feels and even looks like uncharted

GamerEuphoria2254d ago

It Doesn't really play the same as Uncharted (least the demo does not) it feels more like a more combat based third person shooter e.g. Gears, Binary Domain

b_one2254d ago

on the other case, demo was interesting, hard to tell if it is really caused by Nolan North vo.

anticooper2254d ago

ok demo but too easy imo. Peace:-)