REMINDER - You have one month left to play Metal Gear Online before it goes offline

"Metal Gear Online will cease to function next month, with Kojima Productions terminating the online service on June 12th. That gives exactly one month from today to jump back into MGO and appreciate the service before it goes away forever."

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gtxgamer21927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

I sucked at Metal Gear online lol

*Edit* i did like how you could hookup a keyboard an send messages though

WeskerChildReborned1927d ago

I quit playing it cause i noticed some people used FragFX or some kinda mouse cause they we're turning really fast. It suck's that it's going offline though.

ThatEnglishDude1927d ago

I thought it had been offline for several months now! I loved MGO!

Berserk1927d ago

My first Ps3 game Mgs4, played the hell out of MGO!

kevnb1927d ago

Wow online console games have a short life sometimes.

Batzi1927d ago

not all online console games. I am sure if MGO was as active as COD then you wouldn't be reading this news.

kevnb1927d ago

well I said sometimes, and what is active like cod on console?

Batzi1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Gears of War, Battlefield, Halo and Starhawk.

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