The biggest games of 2012, according to’s horrible copy writers’s hilariously uninformed and grammatically unsound product description for Diablo III has been spreading across the Internet today. The unfortunate blurb on the store’s website includes such head-scratching comments as “The Diablo III PC/Mac Game revolves around an interesting plot which will keep you spell bound. while you are playing,” and “Bring home the PC video game to solve the mysteries of the mighty Barbarians.”

To be fair, anyone who knows how ridiculous that description is has already decided whether or not they’re buying the game on Tuesday, and people who don’t know what Diablo is probably shouldn’t be looking to that site for their purchasing decisions. The Internet likes to have its fun, though, so I think it would be in Walmart’s best interests to start writing up every product this way. I’ll get them started with some of the biggest releases coming out this year.

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Sadie21002229d ago

This is hilarious stuff.

roblef2229d ago

The Max Payne one had me lol'ing.

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shackdaddy2229d ago

Lmao at Assassin's Creed description: "Ride on horses for the first time since the last game"

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