What’s Next For Cole: Possible Theories For InFamous 3 (If It Happens)

Was Infamous 2 the end of the story for Cole? Perhaps, but what if the story could go on? GP Editor Sean Dimagiba discusses what a third game in the Infamous series could possibly be like.

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Abash2205d ago

I want an inFamous 3 but I hope it will happen next gen, right now Im very much looking forward to Sucker Punch's new IP.

ginsunuva2204d ago

Infamous, as much as I want to play more, shouldn't have a sequel.

Infamous 2 closed things up nicely, and magically forcing Cole back into more story seems unnecessary. It would feel like Halo 4 again.

iamnsuperman2204d ago

I agree that Infamous 2 closed things up and Cole's story should be left alone and to be honest I really do not want to play as anybody else. How much I would love to play another Infamous game carrying on the story after a an ending that wrapped things up doesn't seem right.

majiebeast2205d ago

I doubt it will happen there is just such a difference between good and bad ending plus suckerpunch is working on a new IP. A spinoff for the vita might be a idea.

Fylus2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

The endings may be drastically different, but they could work off of either. With the evil ending, well, that could be obvious. Thousands of super powered conduits? Yeah.

As for the good ending; A lightning bolt strike the boat at the very end, then the lightning clearly makes the shape of a question mark.

Either way, I cannot be more hyped up for a new Infamous game:)

Simon_Brezhnev2204d ago

I truly hope the bad ending is the good ending. I can see Cole being the big bad boss in new game.

Cajun Chicken2205d ago

Tricky, personally, everything kind of concluded, but this is a very good franchise.

TopDudeMan2205d ago

I wonder which ending will be accepted as cannon. I assume it's the good ending?

SnakeCQC2205d ago

the good ending he sacrifices himself so he's dead. It's more likely to follow from the bad and be like a world domination type thing

Fylus2205d ago

I don't believe he's dead. Go to YouTube and watch a video of the good ending. Pay close attention to the final lightning bolt. It strikes the boat Cole is on, then makes the shape of a question mark;)

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The story is too old to be commented.