Skyrim 'Project Parallax - Whiterun' adds parallax mapping; other cities will be enhanced too

DSOGaming writes: "Modder ‘Osmodius’ released a must-have mod for Skyrim. As its title suggests, Project Parallax adds parallax mapping to most of the game’s textures. Since DX11 and tessellation are not supported, Parallax Mapping is the best way to offer a better terrain and this mod accomplishes just that."

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PiccoloGR2262d ago

That looks great. Can't wait to see the other supported cities

-Gespenst-2262d ago

Eh? If that's a big difference to you, you care about graphics way too much. Looks like the masonry protrudes a bit more and that's about it.

adorie2262d ago

That's exactly what it's supposed to do, in that instance, anyway. no supported tessellation, so this is the next best thing... for now.

WeskerChildReborned2262d ago

All i notice is the parallax picture look's a bit brighter but that's mainly it.

adorie2262d ago

the best I can do on the fly. going out ^_^

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ninjahunter2262d ago

it gives more shape to objects. like if you look close on the roof tiles on the paralax pictures the edges roofing tiles are rounded instead of flat, or how bricks stick out on some of the brick walls on the pictures or how the ground is bumpy.

Parrallax mapping is pretty much an illusion to make flat objects look not flat. Of course its become obsolete by tesselation and displacement mapping which need DX11.