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What’s The Scariest Game Of All Time? Here’s A (Not So) Scientific Analysis…

From dusk until dawn last night, horror enthusiast Mark Butler played through some of the most terrifying games ever made in a bid to discover the true champion of fear. Following a full-throttle evening of shocks, shudders and even a full-blown psychological breakdown, he reports on the nail-biting experience, and eventual winner… (Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Culture, Dead Space 2, GameCube, PC, PS2, PS3, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Resident Evil: REmake, Silent Hill 2, Xbox 360)

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Gonna say Fatal Frame. I heard there were plenty of people having nervous break downs on that game as well and it is in fact the only game that has ever made me scream. *ahem* well more like a ... uh.... Oh what the heck I threw the controller and hid under my pillow. THERE... YA HAPPY??!!!
NukaCola  +   990d ago
I think Silent Hill 2 is horrifying because it's so disturbing. The atmosphere is creepy and all the monsters are effed up. I mean legs sewn onto legs at the hips all bloody walking at you is just weird and demented. I love it.
JellyJelly  +   990d ago
I've played both of those great games (all of the Fatal Frame and SH games for PS2 in fact) and I loved them, but they weren't poop-my-pants scary imo.

It's very subjective what scares you but Dead Space 1&2 are some of the scariest games I've played. I've heard that Amnesia: Dark Descent is supposed to be something else though.

I'd probably include Call of Cthulhu: Dark corners of the Earth as well. That game had some very scary moments.
buddymagoo  +   990d ago
Siren Blood Curse freaked me out to the point where I couldn't play it. I still haven't got past the episode in the hospital.
Brosy  +   990d ago
He didn't play Condemned or Condemned 2, so this list is woefully incomplete.
DigitalAnalog  +   990d ago
Really, DS1 & 2 are far from the "scariest" games available. And this is coming from a guy who has his surround sound setup playing in the most extreme mode who plays horror games AT NIGHT. I can tell you I had more scary moments in Uncharted: DF than there is in DS. But that aside, Amnesia does live up to it's expectations especially with a headphones on. I heard COC was also good so I might check it out sometime.
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Tokyo_reject  +   990d ago
The ONLY other game (other then Amnesia) that I have had to A. Turn on the lights....
then B. turn the game off and take a half an hour break just to give my heart a rest is in fact Fatal Frame.

So yes, alittle disappointed that this wasnt mentioned.
But i have to agree with the winner lol.
metsgaming  +   990d ago
i dont expect anyone to agree with me, i dont play horror games but the most scary/freaky game i can think of playing was actually Titanic adventure out of time. The game is soooo creepy, you never want to travel deep into the ship the farther you go down the more freaky it gets. You get a sense of dread knowing you have to go down there, you even think about muting the game.
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SPAM-FRITTER-123  +   990d ago
Amnesia: Dark Descent

Muffins1223  +   990d ago
I may not get to scared on video games but that picture freaks me the fck out
TrendyGamers  +   990d ago
Dead Space is definitely up there.
Tokyo_reject  +   990d ago
Dead Space one yes....but the fact that he put 2 up there is laughable
deep_fried_bum_cake  +   990d ago
Why? In a lot of ways 2 is a creepier game than 1.
scrambles  +   990d ago
Dead Space can startle me but it cannot scare me. Many of the silent hills and other games use psychological horror which is FAAAAR superior than a monster popping out of the same kind of vent for 450th time that day. Dead Space did have atmosphere down thats for sure.
FlashBack  +   990d ago
AH, what? I played through amnesia, and now playing DS2 is a walk in through the park
Genghis  +   990d ago
These articles are usually the same. So for a change of pace, everyone check out SCP-087

It's a freeware game, but it's pretty damn scary. The game is just an FPS of you descending a staircase. AND IT'S EERIE AS HECK

here's a playthough: http://www.youtube.com/watc...
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Genghis  +   990d ago
SCP Containment Breach is their next game. It has a brilliant blink mechanic where the meter on the bottom shows how long you can keep your eyes open w/out blinking. The the screen flashes black for a split second when you blink, enabling all sorts of hair raising jump scares. I hope mainstream horror games catch on to this one... it's definitely a next jump in horror gaming.
Pintheshadows  +   990d ago
That is a really good idea.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   990d ago
Actually, that mechanic is from Alone In The Dark. :)
Winkle92  +   990d ago
Does this game have anything to do with the SCP series? I assume it does, and thats awesome. I have spend so many hours reading these things. Awesome entertainment.
SCP-087 really seems scary as hell. Good premise for a game.
Dead_Cell  +   990d ago
SCP-173 Is Horrible.
It's in the game too, somewhere. I saw some guy trying to get away from it. the second he moves the screen off it. BAM. S'there in your face.
vikingland1  +   990d ago
No fatal frame? Not even mentioned in their games they didn't mention section.
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shodan74  +   990d ago
Hi. Article author here. Yes - you're damn right about Fatal Frame! Didn't have it to hand last night, annoyingly, but it is an absolute gem and we'll certainly be sure to bring it to the party next time if we do a 'Round Two'.
vikingland1  +   990d ago
Too bad you didn't have it on hand. When you do, don't forget surround sound up lights off and an extra pair of underwear.
shodan74  +   990d ago
Thanks for the advice! ;)
aDDicteD  +   990d ago
they should have at least mention fatal frame
KeiserSosay4788  +   990d ago
Amnesia: The Dark Descent by a longshot! There is no other game like it.
Series_IIa  +   990d ago
Amnesia: The Dark Descent with a quality headset is pretty intense at times... Not scary as such but since you have nothing to help you it gets really tense.
gemc666  +   990d ago
the house 2 is a point and click flash game that made me change my pants twice....in a row....in the same hour.....

someone playing some levels:

Pintheshadows  +   990d ago
I'm gonna play that later, when it's dark.
Summons75  +   990d ago
Amnesia, Fatal Frame 2 and Rule of Rose have to take the cake for things that actually put me on edge...and that is hard to do.
spunnups  +   990d ago
resident evil 1 and the suffering,
AusRogo  +   990d ago
Cold Fear was pretty scary, not the scariest but it scared the shit outta me on some bits. But Resident Evil.2 I am still scared of to this day
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TheEatingOrange  +   990d ago
LOL at the author saying "vatra you should learn".. The new silent hill was freaking scary and although silent hill 2 was obviously better, it's pretty damn close
oguzsasi  +   990d ago
Silent Hill 1
Was a nightmare!
xAlmostPro  +   990d ago
People shouting for fatal frame, i agree it should be up there but it's not that bad personally.

Although i did find FEAR the original one, scary in a sort of 'jumpy' way, thee others were terrible though.

Amnesia gives me a good scare too, also i'm with the guy that mentioned SCP-087. That game makes me scared, it doesn't just make me jump
soundslike  +   990d ago
I can't bring myself to play Lone Survivor anymore. Even with 2D its terrifying me.
entitygm  +   990d ago
Good list, tho fatal frame and system shock 2 (spiders are EVIL) should be on there. I like that he acknowledged RE3: Nemesis.
It wasn't scary in the traditional sense, but the entire game was spent in absolute terror, wondering when Nemesis was going to appear. Running through that taking him down with a pistol every time was the most adrenaline-fueled gaming I've ever experienced.
OcelotRigz  +   990d ago
Im playing "Demons Souls" now and man that can get pretty intense, especially with my headset on. One part for example, you're walking through a dark tunnel and you can only see a foot or so ahead of yourself, there could be something around any corner, then suddenly you hear feet shuffling and you just freeze, thinking which direction did that come from and eventually you'll have to progress knowing something is waiting for you.

The thing is, unlike other games, this game is very unforgiving, when you die you have to go all the way back to the start of that level. This adds to the intensity of the situations.

By the way, what a game!!! Why the hell am i only playing this now.

Half-Life 2 could get pretty scary for me. Having a fear of spiders, i use to hate when you broke a box and those crab/spider thingys would just fly at your face. Used to freak me out everytime.
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nik666uk  +   990d ago
Godfather 2, it was so bad in EVERY way it was frightening!!
Pintheshadows  +   990d ago
Amnesia. I actually hate it. I can't even play it in the daytime. It's bloody terrifying.
tigertron  +   990d ago
Resident Evil: Remake, Silent Hill 2, Siren: Blood Curse, Dead Space and Dead Space 2.

I haven't played Amnesia or Project Zero though so I can't comment on that.
stevenhiggster  +   990d ago
I wholeheartedly agree with the winner. I honestly have never been so on edge playing a game it is a genuine nerve shredder. I'd actually say it is a frickin horrible experience! In a good way :S
Virtual_Reality  +   990d ago
Amnesia The Dark Descent definitely.
DanJenkoFMV  +   990d ago
I, like poor old Jono, am a Amnesia-virgin. I'm not exactly sure if this article has encouraged or discouraged me to give it a try, though. Most probably the latter.

The scariest game I've played, certainly this-gen, is Dead Space. Silent Hill 2 was also pretty terrifying.
Unlimax  +   990d ago
Nothing Scary more Than Parasite eve series , Fatal Frame series , Forbidden Siren series , and last but not least Resident evil 3 Nemisis !
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girlwithturn  +   990d ago
Forbidden Siren 2 and Parasite Eve series. Also RE and FF.
ginsunuva  +   990d ago
Playing CoD on Xbox Live.

Gives me chills every time I think about it...
Mr Tretton  +   990d ago
Silent Hill 1 back in the day made me have to hit pause a lot and walk it off.
TheMutator  +   990d ago
Condemned 1 and 2
stoepkrijt  +   990d ago
Amnesia The Dark Descent!
Amazing how this game can get your heart pumping.
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