Top 5 Live-Action Game Trailers

There's something fascinating about taking the virtual world of a video game and making it just a bit more tangible with actors and sets.

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PopRocks3592140d ago

The link isn't working for me.

Haven't seen too many live action video games trailers that were memorable. But the ones that always stuck out in my head were the ones for the Metroid Prime games.

Now arguably, I think the Prime 1 trailer may have been CGI, but I can't quite remember. The Prime 2 trailer was definitely live action mixed with CGI. Either way, they were both amazing.

STK0262140d ago

Not that I'm a huge CoD fan, but the Find Makarov:Operation Kingfish (and the original fan-made Find Makarov for that matter) are pretty well done in my opinion.

donsterydo2140d ago

Halo games always have good live action trailers.

Gigawatt252140d ago

The Prototype 2 trailer was awrsome.

hazelamy2139d ago

all cool videos.

shoulda made it six and added the Sleeping Dogs trailer though.

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