Nintendo’s Online (De)generation?

Nintendo announces plans to roll out a download model enabling consumers to purchase Day 1 digital titles in stores, priced by retail outlets. BNBGAMING reacts.

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Akuma-2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Everything about Nintendo and their hardwares are all shoddy and archaic.

Shok2175d ago

You got your hands on the Wii U?

ChickeyCantor2175d ago

No, but he got a Ph.D. in Magic balls.

PopRocks3592175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )


Are you really that interested in losing all of your bubbles?

Also say what you will; having your console red ring and die, then having it repaired for $100 and then getting it back weeks later with even more problems, to me, is shoddy and archaic.

fossilfern2175d ago

What? The Nintendo hate on this site is unbelievable. Shoddy hardware? I have had my Super Nintendo for nearly 20 years, still works, have my original N64 from 97, still works, Have my gamecube from 2002, still works. Still have my original DS, Original Gameboy, Gameboy Colour, GBA and they all work.

Where is this shoddy hardware you speak of ?

Hisiru2175d ago

I have an x360 from 2010 and it's not working, got a 3rl in my face.

Sgt_Slaughter2175d ago

Shoddy?!? Is your head up your ass because every single Nintendo console has been made with better quality then some cars believe it or not.

Venox20082175d ago

WarPrincess is that you? :)

cpayne932175d ago

Not sure who warprincess is, but I think Akuma might be Cowlyn. That user said some of the things this one says, like, I don't want a sales station, I want a playstation. But I dunno.

Akuma-2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

The statement I made about Nintendo is true but the truth always brings out the fanboys.

You can all live in a fantasy world where you believe nintendo products are high tech but in the real world that isn't true. Ever since Sony came on the scene with the first playstation Nintendo have been making shoddy hardware for its time and if it wasn't for Sony we probably would be playing with technology about as powerful as ultra Nintendo.

ronin4life2175d ago

Nintendo pushed the envelope long before Sony entered the scene, and would have continued to do so without them.
Furthermore, seeing as how my ps1 is busted and my ps2 is jacked up but my 64 works just fine, I'm pretty sure Nintendo isn't the one making shoddy hardware.

Akuma-2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

The n64 came out two years after the ps1 and the ps1 is way better than the n64. The n64s greatest asset was its 64bit processor but it meant nothing because to utilize it consumers had to buy a separate piece for the system to play the games that needed it. Ps1s hardware was better in design, power and size potential for games. Nintendo game media components are always inferior to that of playstation which is a contributing factor of why Nintendo systems are inferior to playstation.

Ps2 is better than the Gamecube even though the ps2 launched a year and a half before it. There is a misconception about Gamecube being more powerful but that is mostly fanboy sheep fodder. The Gamecube had one game that looked very good which was resident evil 4 that nes sheep loves to use as example but the ps2 had games which were leaps ahead of it namely gow 2 and gran turismo games. Nintendo launched systems a few times after playstations and their hardwares are always inferior even though Nintendo have time to upgrade parts. Parts get cheaper as time goes on but Nintendo still made inferior hardware

Wii is crap tech-wise when compared to ps3. The ds is inferior tech-wise to the psp . The 3ds is rubbish compared to vita.

Daily I see people praying and crying about how wii u is powerful and they believe it because some developers used vague language about how powerful it is but they avoid saying anything so you can guage the power. These people ignore the other developers that says its powerful but still below the capabilities of a ps3 and xbox in some areas. I don't know what to believe but "nintendos track record" is a strong tool to use to figure around how powerful it may be. Look at the history of Nintendo and the power of its hardwares. The wii u will still be using the flipping wiimotes. I cant wait till e3 so I can laugh at the sheep.

Playstation is the future, they actually release quality exclusive games

ronin4life2175d ago

The game cube WAS stronger than the ps2, and the only one here spouting fanboy crap is you.

Yeah, the PSP's tech really helped it against the ds's far superior library of incredible games. And the same is happening with the 3ds

For ME and many others, the wii has a far better library than the ps3, but as that is up to preference I'm not going to contest that.

And no, Sony is not the only one releasing high quality games, as all of their best games are simply crappier versions of other peoples ideas.(smash bros, mario, and every generic shooter ever are far older and fresher than Sony's often over lauded lineup.)

If the PlayStation of the last decade is the only future, then I will be done with gaming.

mike1up2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )


Do you really crave attention this much?

You have made it crystal clear that you won't be buying a WiiU. Hell you don't even seem interested, because you obviously don't read the articles.

My only conclusion is that you are a desperate attention seeker.

Do you comment on WiiU articles because you lack the creativity to stand out in the Playstation section?

Oops, there I go again. Sorry, I have a bad habit of asking questions that I already know the answer to.

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Y_51502175d ago

The world isn't ready for "Nintendo On" yet... I have hopes for Nintendo's online service to be at least decent. I'm sure they will mention something about the Nintendo Network @E3 2012!

Titanz2175d ago

Everything that's been applied to the 3DS, will be incorporated into the Wii U (one way or another). Iwata said that they're getting help sorting out their online service for the Wii U, so chances are -- it'll be awesome. :P

ThePsychoGamer2175d ago

Doubt Nintendo's network will come close to being as good as XBL or PSN