Aiming for the Head in The Walking Dead [Nightmare Mode]

"If you’ve ever spoken to an opinionated man in a vintage Night of the Living Dead shirt at a college party, you’ve likely had the concept that zombie movies aren’t really about the zombies firmly drilled into your head. For one creator, the undead represent the shambling masses of commercialism. For another, it’s to embody human nature in a form that’s entertaining to hit in the head.

Whatever the symbolic aspirations may be, one thing remains true; by themselves, zombies are the antithesis of interesting. As shambling creatures, they can’t lie, cheat, or verbally threaten like humans can and we do it masterfully. That’s why zombie films spend their time showing us the breakdown of society rather than what’s fun about hitting a skull with a hammer. It’s the fear, mistrust, and rage boiling to the surface amongst the living that holds the spotlight. True to form, Telltale’s Walking Dead: A New Day isn’t about enduring the undead: the warfare happens in the words."

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