What if Cliff Ran the World? [ Interview with Cliffy B about horror games and more - Gamasutra ]

Gears of War was the "true" beginning of next-gen, not only in terms of visuals and technical excellence, but also tightness and expansiveness of design.


We started by discussing the changing game landscape, and the interview quickly turned to how Bleszinski might alter a number of game franchises and genres. It was fascinating to hear his thoughts unravel as they did not stem from a desire to criticize other peoples' work, but rather from a clear, informed enthusiasm for video games and design.

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Lucretia2234d ago

oh dear god no, he would ruin it. i dont like gears or unreal. its not my style. if he is going to make his own horror game thats fine and i would try it, but would be horrible if he ruled the WOOOOOOORLD :P

Play2Win2234d ago

He better run Unreal Tournament 4 for PC.

2234d ago
LOL_WUT2234d ago

It would be in a much worser place than it is now, so yea it would suck big time.

AusRogo2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

The world would be full of steroid junky 'bros' .

morganfell2233d ago

And all of those bros would have their most famous mechanics stolen directly from other titles.