Steam Starts Implementing Games Region Locks

TechNoid writes: "Recent entries in the Steam database indicate that Valve is locking various games to countries, making them unavailable both by purchase and gift. This could mean equal distribution is being challenged."

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Newsman2137d ago

They have done this for a long long time.

fl1pp132137d ago

Up to know they've only done this for a few of their own titles in a very limited way.

RankFTW2137d ago

Infact this HAS been going on for a long time, but you can easily get around it by using a Virtual Private Network.

RankFTW2137d ago

I fail to see how talking to people over voice comms is going to circumvent a region block.

NukaCola2137d ago

VOIP is Voice Over IP. I don't compute this method you suggest my friend. You mean Proxy or VPN?

JDW2137d ago

This feature has always been there.

Dan502136d ago

Damnit now games can can be censored and there is nothing the gamer can do. :(

banjadude2136d ago

As long as I can still import UK/Australian games and tie them to my account, I'll be happy.