Dragon's Dogma features decisions, zombies and lots of ass

Dragon's Dogma contains two of Capcom's fine traditions - considering the talent behind the game the Resident Evil influence is strong. But there's also a bit of naughtiness too in how some of the female warriors are dressed by default.

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Regent_of_the_Mask2199d ago

It also features lots of content locked on the disc and the game itself is ass.

rezzah2199d ago


And belief due to repetition of similar matters in previous games is not truth.

So far I have heard of 1 DLC, not multiple as you said.

rdgneoz32199d ago

Thats the one thing I've been glad about lately as I've heard about the game. No info on DLC. The games lately that have had the DLC locked to the disc have been DLC that was announced well over 2 weeks before the game was set to launch, most being a few months before hand.

And with supposedly over 300 hours of questing (main + side quests) I wouldn't mind DLC in the future if it turns out well, but not day 1 crap. But overall, I keep my eye out for any info on DLC, hoping that Capcom doesn't pull the same sh!t again...

Hicken2199d ago

Proof? He don't need no stinkin proof. He's a troll. Since when do trolls need proof, or even attempt to make compelling arguments?

MysticStrummer2199d ago

Your comments feature no content, so your opinion can be safely ignored.

yeahokchief2198d ago

this game is a blatant ripoff of dark souls. its going to suck. gameplay looked horrible and graphics looked mediocre. typical crapcom cashgrab.

MysticStrummer2198d ago

Dragon's Dogma was being worked on before Demon's Souls released, which was obviously before Dark Souls was even announced. If you want to claim the Capcom folks copied Demon's Souls before anyone knew if it would be a success or not, fine, but saying it's a rip-off of Dark Souls is just plain ridiculous.