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admiralvic2234d ago

I still think Bayonetta GOTY has the best art.

Kingdom Come2234d ago

This topic is always subjective to individual interpretation, personally, I found the majority of the writers choices generic and unimaginative, however, that may be me being overly-judgemental, as most of his selections where released prior to my birth. I found the Perfect Dark Japanese cover to be hugely stylish, gritty and dark, serving the games title major credit.

Kyosuke_Sanada2234d ago

This is actually a damn good list. I was hoping to see some Jun Suemi's work from Rengoku II up there or Nona's from King Of Fighters: Orochi Saga but these options were great as well.

humbleopinion2234d ago

Top 1 reason not to bother with top 10 lists:
1. The split 10 petty images over 10 different web pages.