GamerNode | Hot Off The Grill May 12th, 2012

Ah, Saturday. The best day of the weekend. A day of relaxtion and enjoyment made even better because there’s another day of weekend tomorrow, am I right? Saturday means one thing here at GamerNode: HOT OFF THE GRILL!!

Every weekend, join GamerNode Senior Editor Jason Fanelli (with videographer Matt Boyle behind the camera) as he runs down the top gaming news stories from the previous week. Game announcements, developer quotes, major events: we’ll have it all. This is a one-stop shop of news sure to feed your hunger for what’s happening in gaming.

This week, the city of Columbia floats a bit further away, Dead Space 3 may let you “chill” with a pal, and Sora, Donald, and Goofy may FINALLY be on their way back to consoles. All this and SONY E3 2012 PREDICTIONS today on Hot Off The Grill!

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Murpho2135d ago

My reasonable Sony prediction: Quantic Dream shows the reveal trailer for it's first game since Heavy Rain.

My dark horse/unlikely Sony prediction: Valve announces Left 4 Dead 3 and/or Half Life 3 on the Sony stage. They've fooled people before.

italianbreadman2134d ago

Yeah, the Quantic Dream idea sounds right.