Over 2 Million Kills Accumulated In Starhawk In 2 Days

PS3 gamers have killed each other some 2,108,989 times and counting in Lightbox Interactive’s new sci fi third-person shooter two days after the game launched, according to company President Dylan Jobe.

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Nelson M2255d ago

I've Kicked a litte Ass thats contributed to that 2 million

Welshy2255d ago

Same =)

Starhawk has been phenomenal so far for me! Fair enough, the campaign is a bit rubbish, but just like Battlefield 3, i would've easily bought both as online only!

The fluidity of the UI and joining games etc is unmatched in this game. Think Burnout with guns, its THAT smooth.

Any way, i've spent enough time here... *drops launch pad from sky, flys off in jet, transforms to mech and crushes an enemy*

Starhawk FTW!

gaffyh2255d ago

I actually quite like the campaign, it's much better than I expected so far. Great game.

Welshy2255d ago

it's alright, i've definitely played worse, but for me it was just a trophy bait and some combat training to get accustomed to the building etc =)

ardivt2255d ago

the campaign is good. just as the bf3 campaign was good. good for training for the multiplayer.

people need to stop thinking in superlatives.
nowadays something either is "brillant, superb, goty" or "worst, bulls**t, rubbish".
it really sucks that most people refuse to rate in a normal way.

A-Glorious-Dawn2255d ago

you guys are killing me, I'm doing a TEFL and i cant play games until JUNE

I want this game so bad I'm starting to get all teary


Welshy2255d ago

i use the term "rubbish" loosely as i don't count it as an overly critical word, i'd give it a 7/10.

Like i said, it's an OK campaign, but lacks any narrative or character depth. the actual gameplay itself more than makes up for this though, since its's such a blast to actually sit and play, preparing you for the online battle ahead.

The games fanbase comes from an online only original, so i think the campaign to 90% of players is just a nice bit of fun and bonus 6-8 hours for your £40.

I'd say there's a bigger gulf in quality/sales of games than there is a gulf in critical review scores.

99/100 games are now getting to the stage of £40 AAA megaton that sells a 5,000,000 copies, or scrappy games that just bomb because game development is so expensive now and consumers don't have the cash to buy from both the tiny and huge companies alike.

For example, if COD and something like Starhawk or maybe Kingdoms of Amalur released at the same time. Both Cost the same, but the big AAA well known behemoth will sell it 100 fold despite the "lesser" game probably being more creative, fun and deserving of your money.

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Rynx2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

I was some of those deaths! Yay!

2254d ago
iistuii2255d ago

Wish I could get hold of it. Local Gamestation had none left, only had 5 copies in the first place & Blockbuster have never heard of it in my local town. Yet both stores offered me Black ops 2 preorder for a fiver & its not out for 6 months lol. Also both stores were kitted out with Max Payne & Ghost Recon posters & statues. Not blaming anyone for this, but exclusive games on the PS3 just don't get advertised. Can you imagine a Halo game come out & nobody realised it was out, it would never happen.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2255d ago

Id buy this so freaking fast if they released the mp as a stand alone on psn.

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dericb112255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )


Warhawk gets complaints about not having a single player campaign. Now you complain they have one. Seriously stop. If you want to play it. Buy it.

PSN ErazerSe7en Warhawk and Starhawk owner. Look me up.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2255d ago

I never complained about Warhawk not having a single player so you can moan to somebody else about that one chief. Nor did I complain that Starhawk DOES have one. I do want to play. And I will buy it. As soon as they release a stand-alone mp version on psn. Or when the price drops...

FunAndGun2255d ago

just buy the full game and don't play the SP. The MP alone is worth $60.

The game is releasing on PSN but it will be the full game not just least that is what I read.

urgentfury2255d ago

@Holeran The learning curve is not that bad and if you do the first few levels of the Campaign, you will get a feel for everything.

You can also mess around using the Explore and Homeworlds to get your feet wet before getting into a match.

Andreas-Sword2255d ago

Starhawk is the best multiplayer third person Shooter of 2012!

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