WoW doesn’t lose or gain subs for the first time in a year, and why that’s a bad thing - LAG

LAG - "World of Warcraft, Blizzards undisputed king of the MMO world which was released back in 2004, has reigned supreme for 8 years. When they released their second expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, back in 2008, their subscriber base crept slowly towards the twelve million mark. This expansion, however, was met with a great deal of anger by the long term players, both casual and hardcore alike, and saw the emergence of a new type of player, the so-called “entitled casual.”"

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Anarki2380d ago

I wouldn't say 10million subs is a bad thing, not in the slightest.

NYC_Gamer2380d ago

That's damn good for an mmo 10 million users paying every month.....people like to make it seem like a bad thing for some reason .... how many other MMos out there have 10 million paying subs???

Anarki2380d ago

None, nothing even comes close to WoW. Fair enough, they lost a lot of subs but still....10million subs is a lot!

kevnb2380d ago

Exactly, and its been going for what, 7 years now? Its the reason we get disappointed with an mmo that only lasts for a few hundred hours before it gets boring...

soundslike2380d ago

4-5 year dev cycle isn't even enough for an mmo anymore. Won't be long before the games need 10 years of straight development without any breaks from licensing issues or publisher bs.

catfrog2380d ago

werent they loosing a lot of subs in the past two years? going from loosing subs to not loosing subs is a benefit for blizzard, not a loss. blizzard is on their way to growth again if this keeps up.

Fylus2380d ago

I really hate to be the douchey guy who has to correct everyone's spelling, but it's "losing", not "loosing".

Sorry, I really am. Anyways, I still agree completely with you.

Fylus2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Anyone else tired of WoW doom articles?

DeeBee2380d ago

Dumb article -

"Well, let’s say that all 1.2 million passes were bought by new and returning players, that means 1.2 million people would have had to have left the game for the numbers to remain the same."

The guy decides to assume that all 1.2 million annual passes were sold to either new or returning players when in fact the vast majority were sold to existing players.