Japan's game devs must not ignore multiplayer, says Cliff Bleszinski

Gamasutra:"My advice to Japan is that in a disc-based market right now, you cannot [ignore multiplayer]," he says, adding, "I'm not saying tack multiplayer onto every game."

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NYC_Gamer2258d ago

Pretty soon there won't be a such thing as single player only games anymore :(

Welshy2258d ago


I'm the polar opposite of "cliffy".

IMO you can't ignore single player for tacked on multiplayer that clearly the game wasn't built for.

Ever tried finding an online game in The Darkness? Dead Space? Split Second?

All great campaigns with multiplayers that become ghost towns within months.

Online is not the future! a bit of side coop maybe, but competitive multiplayer isn't the answer to sustainable games.

2258d ago
Welshy2258d ago

Read the rumors about Dead Space 3? Online coop campaign with more action etc...

Stuff like that is the reason i thing last gen was far superior to this one, being social and playing online is cool and all, but if it's at the expense of taking a game from its roots, and going away from what made the game good in the first place, it should NOT be there.

Great single player IP's shouldn't have to comply to this stupid online fad that doesn't benefit or even deteriorates games. There will always be people like us who love a good, whole hearted single player experience =)

user54670072258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Total Agree

Imagine what will happen if Bethesda decide to add it in Elder Scrolls or Fallout

...even though people know that it would probably destroy the single player and add a ton more bugs. Plus making it so they would focus on the co-op bugs instead of the single player ones. The game would be ruined

It's the reason why people bug me who want it in those games. They know it would sacrafice the great single player experience but just want it so they can show off to there friends for a few hours then go on another better co-op developed video game leaving single players with a crappy single player experience.

mafiahajeri2258d ago

"I'm not saying tack multiplayer onto every game."

He clearly says he doesnt support tacked on MP. Its obvious he wants the Japanese games that feel like they would have good MP. Vanquish is one of the games he mentioned which I wholeheartedly agree with.

No matter how much you hate MP you cant deny the majority of gamers today want MP in their games.

NukaCola2258d ago

I wish mother flowers in the industry would stop preaching about multiplayer being the saving grace for REPLAY VALUE.

Yeah some game are fun with it, but a great single player experience is 100 times better than the trash released today with added MP.

Also, Cliffy makes shooters and until Gears, they never had a story. Gears doesn't even suffice either as it's as B-rated & Bromantic as one game should or could ever get.

I wish developers would tell statistical analysts to eat bag of hammers and just go back to creating fresh experiences. Some 53 year old marketing guru telling you your game needs MP to be successful is just killing the industry.

I wouldn't care so much about the implementations of MP so much if it didn't take away from the experience of the single player game so often.

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mafiahajeri2258d ago

I agree with Cliff If they want to appeal to the western market(Im speaking about the majority casual gamers) They need to implement Multiplayer.

Hicken2257d ago

Why should they want to appeal to the casual gamers? And why should they want to "appeal" to the Western market?

Do you know why the West buys Japanese games? It's because those of us who buy them like them. We like their quirks, their cultural references, their particular style of game-making. IF they can implement some of the same things that Western developers do in an effective way that doesn't harm their signature style or that of a particular franchise, then I'm not against it.

But the LAST thing I want is for them to change the things that gave Japanese games their flavor in the first place, just to cash in on the fickle and ephemeral casual market.

coptop12258d ago

I totally agree with Cliff though. I really enjoyed Vanquish, but if I could have played co-op with some friends it would have been even better.

user54670072258d ago

Or you could for once play a good single player game and do something with your friends outside of video games.

coptop12258d ago

don't get me wrong, I play a ton of single player games, as my favorite genre is RPGs. But online co-op does make many action-adventure games a lot more fun (Gears, Borderlands, etc)

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Baka-akaB2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

"I'm not saying tack multiplayer onto every game

Except that's kinda what you're saying .

I'm all for constructive criticism and exchanges , but feels like quite a few western devs are just hoping on the "this is why the west is great and you're not" bandwagon , when not a lot of them can get single player right , while they do well in mp .

To be fair Cliffy aint obnoxious and judgemental here , but it's not as if either side got everything right , while the other is lacking .

Anyway ...

"And there is absolutely no reason I shouldn't have been zipping around, doing the mega slides, diving up in the air in an arena with other players."

Because they probably didnt feel confident delivering that exact same quality and feeling with an mp mode . And they were right to not include it if it didnt work . At least not before working kinks in eventual sequels .

It's not as if any mp game is delivering that right now . The most fast paced shooters we got were eons ago and not remotely the same in philosophy as Vanquish .

user54670072258d ago

If they know they don't need it then whats the point

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