Interview: Nigoro on La-Mulana's Cancellation

Those waiting for La-Mulana's WiiWare release were left disappointed recently when publisher Nicalis cancelled the game's western launch. Nicalis cited problems with low sales of the WiiWare platform and a protracted development period, leaving no current route overseas for the 2D platformer and developer Nigoro. Nintendo Life spoke to La-Mulana's director Takumi Naramura to find out more about the cancellation, where La-Mulana goes from here and the possibility of new projects from Nigoro.

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Cajun Chicken2114d ago

It's a shame, because Cave Story for Wiiware just works so brilliantly and natural when holding the Wiimote like a NES controller. But I'm a bit of a Cave Story fanboy since I played the translated freeware version on PC.