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Submitted by I-Pod 1367d ago | news

Welcome Back In The Jungle: Crysis 3 Graphic Lookout - "Zhen" Shows An Amazing CE3 Enviroment

Level designer “Zhen” shows us an impressive enviroment. Looks like the jungle in Crysis 3? What do you think? Check out the amazing Screenshots and a video after the break! (Cryengine 3, Crysis 3, PC)

Olly  +   1367d ago
The lighting and the backdrop look amazing, but everything else looks surprisingly lacklustre for CryEngine 3. Is this a Work In Progress? If not, I'm a tad disappointed (assuming this is PC).
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ninjagoat  +   1367d ago
Yeah areas of slowdown water effects where not overly impresive. Ground textures where not nearly on par with some the early modded CryEngine stuff.
Braid  +   1366d ago
It's not related to the actual game, as far as I could understand it's just a showcase level designed as a senior programming project by an undergraduate who used the assets of CryEngine 3 in the process. The article suggests that the jungle in Crysis 3 may actually look similar to this as CE3 is used to create the level in the video and pics.

But from what I've seen so far, Crysis 3's jungle environment seems like it will not be as shiny as this jungle depiction. It'll have a dark blueish tone with a foggy rainforest look to it.

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