Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Releasing in September?

"If you were in London today, perhaps you were in town for a certain Metal Gear Solid signing event at Oxford Street’s Uni Qlo store. With both Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa in attendance, fans were eager to get memorabilia, consoles and more signed by the famous pair."

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Ascalon942079d ago

how does someone signing stuff, determine the release of a game?

Ascalon942079d ago

I mean I would be happy if it came out in September because I'm interested in playing the game, but this article is pointless.

Omar1st2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )


LightSamus2079d ago

Developers don't tend to just sign stuff to be nice, it's the way things are. Today was a 25th anniversary celebration and September... well, what else could it be?

TheEatingOrange2079d ago

Lol at this name REVENGEANCE

SaffronCurse2079d ago

Stupid name...very stupid

TheDareDevil2079d ago

So many games in Fall. I know it's good but I'm gonna have some tough choices to make -___-

d3nworth12079d ago

Anyone else notice the reflection in Raiden's sword? Who is that?

Biggest2079d ago

A real MG game. This game promises to butcher our fond memories.

ShaunCameron2079d ago

I'm just hoping MGR:R won't be a 2-disk game for those wanting the XBox 360 version.

NeoTribe2078d ago

Nah it won't be 2 disks. It will be more like four disks. Shit if its anything like mgs4 u may be lookin at like 6+. Damn game box will look like ur buying a pc game.

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