Nintendo of Canada talks Wii-U / Wii

Examiner had an interview with Matt Ryan from Nintendo of Canada in August 2011, in which many key
bits of information were revealed. This interview gave full confirmation that multiple Wii-U tablets could be used at once if developers chose to do so. Also the tablets can store information that can be uploaded to other locations. Since speculation still persists about multiple tablet use, this lost article sheds light on the idea of having more than one tablet.

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LX-General-Kaos2078d ago

Very good read.

It has been confirmed that the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system can handle 2 tablet controllers if developers feel it to be necessary.

Anyone interested in this console should read this entire article. Its an informative one.

Rated E For Everyone

Y_51502078d ago

Except that this good read is an old read. It was posted on "August 9, 2011"!

legend9112077d ago

Why are you disagreeing? Half of you didn't even know these things as confirmed yet. x.x

CaptainN2078d ago

It seems no one picked up on this article last year....that's why I brought it up....hope everyone enjoys the news....even if its considered old...its prob new info for everyone !

miyamoto2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

9 months makes a lot of difference man.

LOL_WUT2078d ago

This is good to hear even though i disagree with having the tablet there in the first place. Now people wont feel left out by just having one tablet.

frequentcontributor2078d ago

Did anyone else get the feeling that Nintendo doesn't tell it's Canadian branch very much? He didn't seem to be playing coy on what games were in dev; he just literally didn't have any idea...

gtxgamer22078d ago

If i have money an the price is right for Wii U i will make a purchase. Nintendo + Sony = Life

miyamoto2077d ago

sounds like the ole Super Nintendo PlayStation to me

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