The Multiplayer Problem

"Many won’t see the same issue that I see with multiplayer games, but in my own opinion; there is a rather rampant one. Whilst some may consider the market-domination I mentioned to be a problem, I instead see it as an opportunity." Liam Stanway

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Paradicia2109d ago

I'd like game developers take a step back and look at why multiplayer should be in their game. Instead of this versus concept being a must, look at other avenues for innovation.

Just imagine a survival horror game where you must piece together clues other players leave behind only for them to be a trap and you must battle your way through it and capture the other player.

It's the subtle things that matters. I for one think Journey was a step forward in this front. The 2 player dynamic was simple yet brilliant.

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byeGollum2109d ago

Single-player campaigns are everlasting art. People fail to see this. Multi-player is only for a season, someday servers will go down. People will move on to other games.

I wish developers would just focus their efforts on crafting a masterpiece. Most of the best games that are spoken of after years aren't Multi-player games, there's a hint.

Paradicia2109d ago

Id like to see developers break the mould and support games with different methods of longevity. What 343 industries is doing with spartan ops is a step forward in seasoned support, a reason to come back to the game in a co-op experience week in week out.

TheDareDevil2109d ago

I do like Multiplayer games but I want devs to be innovative in that area. I mean I don't want another FPS multiplayer that plays like COD because there's already COD and they do it pretty well. The guys at Ubisoft are making some good multiplayer stuff in their games and I sure as hell hop Far Cry 3 has a fun multiplayer aspect.

JBSleek2109d ago

Multiplayer is the future and will only get bigger and better. The market shows that if you aren't a massive RPG worth the money you want replay value. There will be multiplayer of some sort.

I don't think it is that bad though. The problem would be DLC but I think they'll get a wake up call next generation. If games increase to 70 then gamers will get fed up and vote with their wallet.

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