One Image From the Metal Gear Rising E3 Trailer

Yuji Korekado, the producer of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, posted a photo on his Twitter of a single frame from the E3 2012 trailer of the game.

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megaworm252235d ago

pretty much like every other screen shot of this game.

long time metal gear gamers need not apply

Nyxus2235d ago

Although it isn't a traditional Metal Gear game, it still looks interesting to me in its own right.

megaworm252235d ago

cool, i'm sure alot of people will enjoy it i just mean that for people that love the MGS stealth games it will be a bit of a kick in the nuts.

NukaCola2235d ago

After playing Vanquish, I am 110% confident in Platinum's ability to deliver a game true to Raiden's character. I worry most because the MGS franchise is about story and I want story. I love those long ass cutscenes and want lots of them in the game. I also want to actually play the MGS4 sccenes to include the Vamp/Raiden Street fight with the gheckos and the split screen Vamp fight with Snake fighting gheckos, just reversed this time as we would play as Vamp. Metal Gear Solid is one of the greatest series in gaming and we do NOT want a spinoff. Please Please Please ensure this is part of the saga and deliver a SOLID (no pun intended) story along with this fantastic looking gameplay.

DigitalRaptor2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Adrenaline-fueled action junkies who have just sliced their way through scores of hapless enemies and the odd mech boss, will probably not be happy sitting through cutscenes lasting more than 1-2 minutes in length.

But I hope you're right. I do enjoy the cutscenes as it's a part of the overall experience. Although, this isn't Metal Gear Solid so I guess it doesn't really matter since it would never have the same impact as a true MGS franchise installment would, even with a good story.

Nyxus2235d ago

@ megaworm25: I can understand the disappointment (I was disappointed the initial build was ditched too), but Kojima already said the fans of traditional stealth will have to 'be patient'. In the mean time, we can play Rising. Or skip it and wait for the next real MGS title.

dangert122235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

thought this game would of been out ages ago
this will be its 3rd e3?

Nyxus2235d ago

Yes, it was announced at E3 2009 but it skipped one E3 I believe.

Muffins12232234d ago


Tommy3342235d ago

I'll pass on this and GTA5

TheModernKamikaze2235d ago

! (it's still related anyway)

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