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UNCHARTED 3 Patch 1.11 Notes: The Lab Returns, Elimination Mode and more

Eric Monacelli writes "It’s back! We are very excited to unveil patch 1.11 for UNCHARTED 3, which will be live for download by the end of May. First of all, we can hail the long anticipated return of the Lab. However if your memory is fuzzy about what the Lab is, we first introduced it in UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer. The Lab is a playlist featuring a unique series of multiplayer game types that our designers have concocted that focus on, above all, being fun. We’re kicking things off with a T-bolt and Pistole only map. So once the patch drops later this month, log onto UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer and give it a whirl. Let the experiments begin!" (PS3, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception)

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Bowzabub  +   1371d ago
Thanks Dogs.
EeJLP-  +   1371d ago
"If you leave a game, disconnect, or turn off your PS3 mid-game, it will be counted as a loss."

That's the main reason I stopped playing Uncharted 2. I'm on wireless and get disconnected not a ton, but a decent amount of times. I was playing to win..

Games: W-136 L-19
(much closer to the 145-10 range without the d/cs)
(also split a few matches vs my partner with the party disbanding during matchmaking and putting us on opposite sides a couple times)

Still over 7-1, but my partner and I could have easily gone 50-1 W/L if we continued and LEGITIMATE DISCONNECTS [Network Errors, etc.] didn't count as losses. I never quit matches on games I'm actually putting any sort of effort into.

"Kills and deaths no longer count towards your career stats in Plunder and Team Objective modes"

Not that great of an idea. Yea, some just play for K/D, but if they want to lose doing it, then good for them. UC3's "Objectives" have TDM rounds built into it anyway, so that makes no sense.

-I have all 3 UC plats and obviously skilled at Objs as seen above, so disagree, whatever, don't care; but those are my thoughts on a couple of the changes or comments in the article.-

Another quick note - Never used Situational Awareness. Lame. Elena Fisher isn't a Chimera.
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Ducky  +   1371d ago
Stats are meaningless anyways.

I actually want disconnects/leave to be counted as loss. I run into so many games where I'd have people on my team with ridiculous stats, but they'll all leave the game if they feel like they're going to lose.
EeJLP-  +   1371d ago
Then they should add a Disconnects stat instead of automatically counting them as losses when they're not.

Some people get legitimate disconnects and it's not fair to give them losses just because their router or whatever decides to lose connection for a couple seconds or whatever leads to a disconnect.

And if they're that much of a loser that they need to quit for stats and can't take a bad match, then anyone that matters or cares will eventually notice that they're phony. No self respecting clan or party would allow them. Let them be losers and play with their other phony loser friends, but don't penalize legitimate players by delegitimizing their W/L ratios with unearned losses.

Anyone playing with a phony can easily see if there's a difference between their stats and their gameplay. If you're against a quitter, take your easier win. If you're with one, tell them they're a loser and take on the challenge of trying to win without them.

Stats aren't meaningless either, they just don't always tell the whole story. That's why if you're building a clan or winning party, you'd be smart to focus more of their gameplay. A legitimate 3-1 k/d is plenty meaningful vs. a 0.4-1 k/d, even in objectives. A great killer as a role player on an objectives team usually doesn't hurt if they're at least somewhat near the main action. Also, there's a big difference if your goal is to win, you know you're playing at a 20-1 or higher level, but you know even if you go undefeated you can never get beyond an 8-1 or so, because the game hands you unearned losses.
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EeJLP-  +   1371d ago
Another thing I was never sure of is if being kicked in UC2 also counted as a loss. It seemed like it did, but I didn't track each match to know for sure. You could accidentally kill a teammate and they kick you, again more unearned losses (assuming kicks were losses). Or you could have a teammate kill you while you're capping a treasure, you get a little revenge the next time, they kick you and another unearned loss if that's how it worked.

Plunder was one of my favorite game modes, but I play to win and can't stand being given losses that have nothing to do with the final scoreboard.
MidnytRain  +   1371d ago
"'Kills and deaths no longer count towards your career stats in Plunder and Team Objective modes'

Not that great of an idea. Yea, some just play for K/D, but if they want to lose doing it, then good for them."

It's not good for the players on their team, though. This is good for the people unfortunate enough to get stuck with those guys.
Craftiii4  +   1370d ago
"If you leave a game, disconnect, or turn off your PS3 mid-game, it will be counted as a loss."

"Some people get legitimate disconnects and it's not fair to give them losses just because their router or whatever decides to lose connection for a couple seconds or whatever leads to a disconnect."

O wow..... you lost a game....

Losing a game does not make you bad, it means nothing. Stop taking it so seriously, you should play a game to have fun.
Ducky  +   1370d ago
"Some people get legitimate disconnects and it's not fair to give them losses just because their router or whatever decides to lose connection for a couple seconds or whatever leads to a disconnect."

... and is it fair that your team has to sit through a disadvantage because they're down one player? A disconnect effects both you and the players in the game.

Everything has its positives and negatives, and in this case, I believe the positive outweigh the negatives. Maybe now people will actually try to put an effort to win instead of just quitting to save their stats.

... and for clans, you're better off actually playing a few rounds with someone rather than looking at their stats.
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Welshy  +   1371d ago
Good update, but i've always felt the disconnection penalties were too harsh.

When i had a wireless router with AOL (i know, schoolboy error), i got disconnected quite regularly, which after 2 or more "quits" as they see it, costs you $10,000, an average round is only about $7-8,000!

I'm not sure what they did to the retail version of the multiplayer, but for whatever reason, me and my mates enjoyed and done alot better on the beta and found that Uncharted 2's online was a more unique, enjoyable experience!
JoGam  +   1371d ago
I could careless if I get a disconnect lost. I just hate playing with stupid players. I rather lose on a team who tried to win and lose against a team who was just skillful and not because my team are retards. I just hate playing with people who appear to just run around doing their own thing. If Im going lose anyway I rather quit now and go find a game with players who wants to play the game and not just roam around.
Joegrine20  +   1370d ago
GodHandDee  +   1370d ago
But it isn't overpowered?
Joegrine20  +   1370d ago
u realize every1 is using it. also the gun hardly has recoil, all they need to do is drop the rate of fire. M9 has no recoil whatsoever u shud check it out and compare it with the other guns. and u will see why every1 uses it
Furesis  +   1371d ago
i have never gotten "The Long Ranger Medal" i have tried couple times but never got even one maybe now it's easier? i hope
Nikobaxton  +   1371d ago
Agreed. I don't remember getting Long Ranger inspite of pulling of sniper kills in maps like museum and syria.
DFresh  +   1371d ago
I've got (1) Long Ranger and I didn't even knew I had one until I checked my Medal stats.
wenaldy  +   1371d ago
"If you leave a game, disconnect, or turn off your PS3 mid-game, it will be counted as a loss."

Y_5150  +   1371d ago
Naughty Dog knows how to draw me back to the mulitplayer!
Redempteur  +   1371d ago
Very good patch ..i dunno who can say otherwise ...
except ragequitters
Welshy  +   1371d ago
Or people like me who have iffy connections and/or my squad gets split up and have to leave to join other side.

Uncharted 2 was straight up draconian on leaving an uncomplete game too.

Battlefield 3 does it best for me, save your stats/XP as of that time but doesnt record as a win or loss as they cant predict that obviously.
Redempteur  +   1370d ago
Well this will get exploited too if they do that ..ND was lenient on quits but the fact is that there is a bunch of guys that don't even play porperly because there was no penality given ..

People with legit bad connexion will have a problem but that's the price to pay for a global healty multiplayer without quitters that messes up entire games
Sizzon  +   1371d ago
Thats a great patch, thanks ND! :)

lets hope theres less quitters now
DFresh  +   1371d ago
Great patch but I agree with @EeJLP.

It sucks when you get disconnected from your party, you get kicked, your connection is bad or whatever and it'll still count it as a loss.

My PS3 froze twice last night playing Uncharted 3.

Should I take those (2) losses when it wasn't even my fault?

That's not fair.

Besides who cares if people rage quit there's always new players coming in to take the place of those people that quit.

Ofcourse there's still a way around this if you quit the game while your in the lobby it wouldn't count it as a loss because it'd show that your still in the lobby or that you went to turn the game off.

So, I might not be able to rage quit in the lobby but I can still turn off the game, turn the game back on and play it and it still wouldn't count as a loss.
Reborn  +   1370d ago
That's another point.

If a person is lagging, and has random DCs, which is of no fault to them. Then yes, they shouldn't have to deal with those losses.

As for the part about new people coming in.. I hate that. You give the new joining person, and instant loss. Especially when it's too late to do a comeback. It's most noticeable with COD though. Matchmaking can be a pain.
tack129  +   1370d ago
Me gusta.
nevin1  +   1370d ago
I would like to see public rooms with user customation to the fullest in which I can jump in out of.


I agree that its stupid when I join a game in progess that we have no chance winning. Matchmaking is stupid.
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DragonPrince  +   1370d ago
There are lots of rage-quitters who would use disconnects etc as excuses.
Hopefully this will make them man-up.

And those with bad connections, hopefully this will make them finally fix their problem connection. Not fair to teammates like me in a firefight when my partner disappears, I get overrun, and our team loses because of the disadvantage.

Love the update Naughty Dog!
GodHandDee  +   1370d ago
Another problem I have is sometimes either

1. The game freezes and kicks everyone out of the game or have to quit the game itself even before it started due to a glitch that results in a never ending loading screen


2. Sometimes I have to enter a game that is about to finish in 15 seconds and I'm on the losing side or everyone else quits and leave me and maybe one more person in the whole team without anyone else being added to support us for a long time

So I am heavily against that particular change made in this patch.
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Hicken  +   1370d ago
Yes, it sucks that it counts as a loss if you get disconnected.

Oh, well.

I'm happy to see The Lab is back. THE LAB IS BACK!

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