Complete Resistance: Burning Skies Trophylist

The complete trophylist with full images and hidden trophies.

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CaptainSheep1986d ago

SEVEN Gold trophies? Nice.

TheMrMadzen1986d ago

I like how there is only 25 trophies, but still 7 gold trophies!
No need to worry about the trophies that isn't part of the story's pace at all

bub161986d ago

some nice easy trophies to earn here!!

John Kratos1986d ago

Looks like my next Vita Platinum.

r211986d ago

how long is the game according to these trophies?

TheModernKamikaze1986d ago

There seems to be six levels so maybe six chapters each?

r211986d ago

is that short? i hope not :C

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