PSN Maintenance scheduled for Wed 16th May from 16.00 until Thurs 17th May 00.00 BST [Europe]

There will be scheduled PSN maintenance taking place on Wednesday 16th May from 16.00 until Thursday 17th May at 00.00 BST.

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mafiahajeri1988d ago

Will be to busy playing Max Payne 3 SP so no problem.

Hx3KinG1988d ago

My god this constant maintenence is ridiculous, psn has been a mess lately.

nik666uk1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Xbox live is thataway>>

TekoIie1988d ago

Well if you want you can suggest to Sony to charge all of us so that their maintenance will be less frequent and near seamless...

TekoIie1987d ago

Why the disagrees??? Do people want to pay for PSN or something!?!?

Hx3KinG1986d ago

@Pekolie my friend, the resoning for all the dislike is because sony fansboys are butt sensitive for anything sony, even if its constructive criticism, any unliked eord will turn them into 'leave my sony alone they are perfect mode'

Skate-AK1988d ago

Must be a reason for all the maintenance in 2012. Maybe PSN redesign to be announced at E3.

Surfaced1988d ago

that would be pretty neat.
Seriously, I want to know why PSN regularly has to go offline for maintenance.

dc11988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Whats regularly?
There was a 4 hour down time period in early April for further PSV intergration. Prior to that, general psn updates in late Feb and Dec.

Im looking forward to it. Knowing Sony, gamers can expect something nice (Along with a couple of hidden nuggets/gems).

joeorc1988d ago

"I want to know why PSN regularly has to go offline for maintenance."

if many has not figured it out by now, it's mainly to add new content, to keep the system secure. and to update mainly more playstation Home content.

every week new content is added to playstation Home! many may not use Home but over 22 million use it for more than 80 min's daily. and it now has over 200+ games to play on Home that are Exclusive to playstation Home. there is another playstation Home 3rd person shooter, and and a brand new MMO being added very soon for playstation Home. the UI was just recently updated, they updated the PSHome cross game chat and group chat in playstation Home in the recent Update.

xAlmostPro1988d ago

oh no, 4 hours out of a 24hour day. 12 hours out of 72.

It's not that bad folks

Furesis1988d ago

and it's in the morning so i don't think it'll affect a lot of people

Dark_Overlord1988d ago

Except us in the UK, which is a pretty bad time for them to do it

xAlmostPro1988d ago

@dark_overlord i'm pretty sure you can survive 4hours out of your day without psn..

Dark_Overlord1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

I can no problem :) but there are others out there who probably won't be as 'nice' about it :) (People who mainly play MP)

The timing coincides with school finishing and people finishing work

DarkBlood1988d ago

well either side of the planet is going to have to suffer so which is it gonna be folks lol :P

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house1988d ago

hope this is for e3 announcement *crosses fingers* firefox or chrome please

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